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What Is a Major Benefit of Group Therapy?

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Therapy can be daunting. For people in recovery, the prospect of group therapy can be intimidating. You have to divulge your feelings and emotions to a therapist and a room of strangers in recovery with you? That may be the scenario you walk into on day one of group therapy. Yet there are a host of group therapy benefits that make overcoming any hesitancy more than worth it. What is a major benefit of group therapy? There are more than a few. Not only is group therapy proven just as effective as individual therapy, but some of its benefits may also be exactly what you need to accelerate your recovery journey. Access high-quality mental health services in Athens, Georgia by calling 844.904.3485.

What Is a Major Benefit of Group Therapy?

So, what is a major benefit of group therapy? Well, there isn’t just one benefit of group therapy. This approach to recovery brings many beneficial aspects to the table. Still, people who have gone through group therapy often point to one major benefit of group therapy that stands above the rest: relationships. The different elements of that benefit are explored in more detail below.


Being in group therapy means you are surrounded by people who share parts of your experience. Nobody’s experience overlaps precisely, yet the group therapy setting is often the first time that people in recovery or treatment for mental health get to commune with others who share their struggles. This provides a level of commonality that makes participation and trust easier to come by. The camaraderie in group therapy due to this shared affinity also means people can be vulnerable and open up in ways that promote healing.


Another critical aspect of the relationships developed in group therapy is accountability. Just as other participants share your experience, they can also support your healing. Knowing that others on your level care about you making progress and sticking to your treatment goals can be a huge emotional boost.

Different Perspectives

Each person in group therapy brings a different perspective to the table. That means you will be challenged to see things in different ways and can learn from the way that other people approach the same issues you face.


The relationships formed in group therapy often extend beyond the clinical setting. The people you attend group therapy with can become significant sources of support and some of the best friends you will ever have.

Other Benefits of Group Therapy

Relationships may be the standout group therapy benefit, but it is far from the only one. Group therapy can also profoundly impact how a person views themselves. Confidence and self-discovery are two other group therapy benefits that deserve some explanation.

First, the relational benefits of group therapy lay a foundation for people to build their confidence. That means confidence in speaking up. It also means the confidence to heal and achieve your treatment goals. You will celebrate when others succeed and be celebrated when you grow. Group therapy also provides confidence to try new things and be okay with failure because it is a space of acceptance and no judgment.

Second, self-discovery plays a vital role in group therapy. Blind spots or negative self-beliefs often hold people back from healing. Group interactions expose you to different perspectives and help you see parts of yourself that you have been avoiding or else not seeing properly.

Access Group Therapy at Serenity Grove

Whether you need group therapy for mental health reasons or as part of your recovery from substance abuse, Serenity Grove is here to support you. Our expert staff and comfortable environment mean you can attend group therapy with full confidence that it will be a productive use of your time. Group therapy is a great intervention for the following issues:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Social phobias
  • Substance abuse disorders

Contact Serenity Grove at 844.904.3485 today to learn how group therapy can help you.