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Anxiety Treatment Program in Athens, GA


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Thanks to modern lifestyles, many people are frequently busy, chronically stressed, or struggling with anxiety. Over time, an anxiety disorder can change the way the brain functions, cause physical health concerns, and negatively affect one’s quality of life. Unable to control racing or anxious thoughts, a person may turn to substance abuse to try to alleviate their symptoms. There are different types of anxiety, and those struggling with it should seek professional help and treatment as soon as possible. An effective anxiety treatment program addresses an individual’s persistent fears and worries and teaches them useful coping mechanisms. Without a professional anxiety treatment program, symptoms may worsen and lead to further complications. If you or a loved one struggles with an anxiety disorder, reach out to Serenity Grove for personalized mental health treatment in Athens, GA.

To learn more about our anxiety disorder treatment options, call us at 844.904.3485.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

A person with an anxiety disorder may always be worried about something or the other. They may struggle with irrational fears, take a negative view of things, and feel extremely apprehensive about dealing with a difficult situation. Fortunately, with the help of quality anxiety disorder treatment, it is possible to bring such symptoms under control. At Serenity Grove, we believe that therapy and medication can play a critical role in alleviating one’s worries and living a normal, healthy life.

The most common types of anxiety disorders include the following:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) – The most common anxiety disorder, those suffering from GAD report a feeling of always being on the edge. They constantly feel restless, obsess over certain thoughts, and have trouble concentrating.
  • Social anxiety – Some people feel scared or nervous about social situations or being in the public. They may have trouble socializing and avoid social events, even if it hampers other aspects of their life.
  • Performance anxiety – Like social anxiety, a person with performance anxiety may have trouble with public speaking or being in the limelight. They may have stage fright and get distracted or nervous when asked to perform a task that puts them under the public eye. 
  • Separation anxiety – Sometimes, people experience anxiety at the thought of being separated from a caregiver or a loved one. They may struggle with feelings of abandonment and attachment.  
  • Situational anxiety – For some people, their anxiety is triggered by specific situations, such as the first day at a new job or meeting a stranger. Or, they may have particular phobias.
  • Panic disorders – Individuals who are highly prone to panic attacks may be diagnosed with a panic disorder. Since a panic attack is an extremely stressful and scary experience, the person may begin to avoid all things that are likely to trigger a panic attack.

At Serenity Grove, we treat all types of anxiety disorders. Our team patiently works with each client to address any irrational fears or phobias, develop contingency plans for high-risk situations, and replace negative thoughts with more positive ones.

How Our Anxiety Treatment Program in Georgia Works

Our anxiety treatment program provides access to several types of therapy that allow our clients to understand how anxiety impacts their mental and physical help. From there, they develop healthy coping skills and learn to resolves issues that have kept anxiety on the front burner in their lives. The types of therapy modalities we offer include:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Life Skills Training
  • Meditative Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Psychotherapy

Anxiety Treatment Program: What is an Anxiety Disorder?

An anxiety disorder is a type of mental health disorder that dramatically affects the lives of those who have one. They cause a general sense of anxiety related to many situation in a person’s life or a fear of what may happen. The symptoms of an anxiety disorder can include fear, restlessness, and panic attacks. They can also cause a person to experience medical symptoms with no definable cause, including headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and body aches. Some people experience anxiety in waves of episodes, while others feel a consistent state of anxiousness. 

What Causes Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety can develop in relation to a specific situation or seemingly come out of nowhere. Someone with a family history of anxiety or other mental health disorders has an elevated risk of developing an anxiety disorder. A person’s individual brain chemistry may be out of sorts and contribute to them feeling anxious. Anxiety disorders can develop after a stressful event like a car accident, serious illness, or the loss of a loved one. In addition, abusing drugs or alcohol long-term can cause a person to develop anxiety. 

A quality anxiety treatment program helps uncover the source of a person’s anxiety and provides them with life-changing treatment that brings about peace of mind and confidence in their ability to change. 

Our Anxiety Treatment Program in Athens, GA

Our philosophy at our anxiety treatment program in Athens, GA, involves treating the person as a unique individual so we can meet their exact treatment needs. We offer several benefits that give each person the ability to explore the sources of their anxiety and overcome it. Our plan includes: 

  • Continuity with therapists: Our clients work with the same therapists during all levels of care. This helps them build trust and bond with each specialist they see. 
  • Evidence-based and holistic therapies: Since anxiety disorder treatment is different for everyone, we offer a variety of therapies that may be further customized to each individual’s needs.
  • Life skills training: Those struggling with an anxiety disorder may have low self-worth and feel that their life is spiraling out of control.  Our life skills training classes help them get their priorities back on track.
  • LGBTQ-friendly: People of all identities and orientations are always welcome at our clinic.

Fight Anxiety Disorder and Rebuild Your Life at Serenity Grove

Struggling with an anxiety disorder may be extremely overwhelming and lead to other issues such as substance use. However, help, support, and healing are always available at Serenity Grove. Our personalized treatment programs uncover the root causes of a person’s disorder and guide them to effective solutions. As part of our lifelong continuing care program, our clients can enjoy ongoing support and solidarity wherever they are, even after treatment is officially over.

At Serenity Grove, we will always have your back no matter what. Call us today at 844.904.3485 or visit our admissions page to let us help in rebuilding an anxiety-free future for you.

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