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LGBTQ Treatment Center


Addiction doesn't wait.

Take your first steps towards addiction recovery with Serenity Grove.

The LGBTQ community is at high risk for substance abuse. At the same time, many members of this community also face discrimination and barriers to accessing high-quality addiction treatment. Historically, two individuals hold hands against a rainbow flag backdrop healthcare providers have not been kind to folks who identify as LGBTQ. For these reasons, often, the best setting for recovery for people who identify as LGBTQ is an LGBTQ treatment center. Serenity Grove offers evidence-based, high-quality LGBTQ addiction rehab programs that are designed to break down barriers and support people during every step of the recovery process.  

Learn more about the addiction treatment programs at Serenity Grove, including LGBTQ-centered treatment options, by calling 844.904.3485 today. 

The Importance of an LGBTQ Treatment Center 

People in the LGBTQ community often face serious challenges that leave them at higher risk for mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders. This higher risk has nothing to do with their sexual orientations and instead is a reflection of how society treats people that it views as outside the norm. For as much as society has progressed and become more accepting, there is a long way still to go.  

LGBTQ addiction treatment centers design their programming to respond to the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ folks. These challenges stem from things like: 

  • Discrimination based on sexual orientation that may be compounded by discrimination based on race, age, or gender 
  • Family or community rejection based on sexual orientation 
  • Physical or emotional abuse from partners or loved ones 
  • Job loss or limited professional opportunities due to sexual orientation 
  • The experience of a hate crime 

All of these issues mean that traditional treatment methods must be rethought of in the context of an LGBTQ-friendly approach. Acknowledging and addressing these challenges is essential for creating safety and allowing people the space to heal and ultimately recover from the mental health or substance abuse disorder they need treatment for. 

The Advantages of Choosing an LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Center 

The design of an LGBTQ addiction rehab program is not just a moral question. It is also an essential question about efficacy. If providers do not take the unique needs of LGBTQ people into account, how can they hope to treat their mental health or substance abuse issues effectively?  

People who attend treatment at Serenity Grove’s LGBTQ treatment center take advantage of numerous benefits. The first benefit is that clients can be open, vulnerable, and honest about their sexual orientation. Without this ability, they would have to hide who they are and be unable to address the core issues that influence their disorder. In addition, attending an LGBTQ addiction rehab program means you do not need to fear judgment or reprisal because of your sexual identity. 

One other benefit is peer support. An LGBTQ peer support group can be life-changing for many people, especially youth who have yet to find a peer group that totally accepts them for who they are. Ultimately, people in recovery make quicker and longer-lasting progress when they feel respected, valued, and treated well. People who identify as LGBTQ can rest assured that those elements will be true when seeking care at an LGBTQ treatment center. 

Find the Help You Need at Serenity Grove 

Serenity Grove specializes in LGBTQ mental health treatment and addiction recovery. We build a comprehensive, unique treatment plan for each client. Your plan may include treatments like person-centered therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, and family therapy.  

Our compassionate, expert clinicians become your partners in the recovery journey. You deserve safety and respect during treatment. You may not be able to find that anywhere. But you can find it here.  

Learn more about how we structure programming through our LGBTQ addiction treatment center by calling 844.904.3485. You can also fill out our online contact form and let us get back to you.