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Drug Detox in Georgia


Addiction doesn't wait.

Take your first steps towards addiction recovery with Serenity Grove.

Every day, more and more people fall prey to addiction, be it alcohol, prescription pills, or recreational drugs. Reaching out to a quality drug detox center is the first step towards healing as the body is slowly cleansed ofa man receives IV hydration during detoxification in a drug detox center toxins. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, our drug detox in Georgia can help you create a new life for yourself. 

A substance use disorder wreaks havoc on every aspect of a person’s life, including their physical health, family relations, finances, career, and emotional well-being. However, with drug detox and therapeutic care, it is possible to make a full recovery from addiction. To know more about our drug and alcohol detox programs, call us now at 844.904.3485

The Importance of A Drug Detox Center

Addiction can fundamentally alter one’s brain chemistry. As one slowly develops a tolerance to the substance, they require larger quantities of it to feel a semblance of normalcy. Thus, repairing the body’s chemical dependence on the drug via medical detox is the first step toward recovery. 

At Serenity Grove, we have a dedicated drug detox center for the following reasons: 

  1. Quitting cold turkey or on one’s own is rarely successful and is often dangerous. In certain cases, it can lead to deadly side effects like seizures, hallucinations, or coma. Thus, detox should be performed only under the careful supervision of qualified doctors and nurses.
  2. Detox is often accompanied by painful withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings that may prompt the person to return to use. However, at a quality facility, the staff may administer FDA-approved medications to ease the pain and ensure that the client is relaxed and comfortable throughout.
  3. Detox rids the body of toxins, repairs the damage, and helps it to adjust to normal functioning, thus, effectively allowing the person to start over.
  4. Detox primes the person to receive therapeutic care and focus on the psychological aspects of the substance use disorder. 

Thus, the treatment of addiction includes both physiological and psychological aspects. Enrolling in our drug detox in Georgia can help you regain your physical health, which in turn, prepares them for long-term sobriety and wellness. 

How Do I Know I Need a Drug Detox Program?

Recognizing the need for a drug detox program involves observing specific signs and behaviors in yourself. Here are some key indicators that might suggest the necessity of such a program:

  1. Increasing Dependency: If you find that you need more of the drug to achieve the same effects (tolerance), or if the drug has become a central part of your daily routine.

  2. Impact on Relationships and Responsibilities: When drug use starts to damage your relationships with family, friends, or co-workers, or it interferes with your work or personal responsibilities.

  3. Withdrawal Symptoms: Experiencing physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut back or stop using the drug. These can include nausea, shaking, anxiety, or other distressing symptoms.

  4. Cravings and Loss of Control: Intense cravings for the drug and inability to control or reduce its use despite wanting to.

  5. Neglecting Health: Continuing to use the drug despite knowing it’s causing or exacerbating health problems.

If some of these signs seem to resonate with you, seeking help from a specialized facility like Serenity Grove can be a pivotal step. Our 24/7 care provides support and a safe detoxification method to help you find addiction recovery. 

What To Expect At Our Drug Detox in Athens, Georgia

At Serenity Grove, we aim to help clients develop the skills they need to recover from addiction and live independent and meaningful lives. To that end, we follow a dual diagnosis treatment approach, treating not just the physical symptoms of addiction but also the underlying causes of it. 

At our drug addiction detox facility in Athens, Georgia, we utilize various therapies and approaches, including: 

● 24-hour nursing care for high acuity detox 

● Lifelong continuing care 

● 12-step program 

● Life skills workshops 

● Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) 

Family counseling 

Trauma therapy 

● Medication management (such as fluid, electrolyte, and vitamin replacement for detox clients) 

Yoga classes 

Additionally, we also ensure continuity with therapists—our clients work with the same therapists throughout the recovery process, building strong bonds of trust and resilience. 

Find Drug Detox in Georgia Today!

At Serenity Grove, our mission is to empower clients to live happy and successful lives. No matter the severity of your symptoms, our expert and empathetic team will help you rebuild your life. 

Each of our treatment programs is customizable, as per your unique needs, recovery goals, and budget. Our family-owned clinic in Athens, GA, specializes in end-to-end care, guiding clients through residential detox and outpatient treatment, and even lifelong continuing care. Whether you’re a student with an Adderall addiction or an army veteran with an alcohol use disorder, help, and healing is always available for you at Serenity Grove. 

It is never too late to seek professional treatment. Call us at 844.904.3485 or verify your insurance.

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