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Meditative Therapy Program


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Meditation is an ancient type of mindfulness practice. Its practice is increasingly growing in Western society alongside similar practices like yoga, breathwork, and reiki. In addition, meditation is becoming more common in addiction and mental health treatment as part of a holistic approach to addressing these issues.  an addiction therapy group participates in  meditative therapy program

The meditative therapy program at Serenity Grove is an excellent example of the application of meditation in addiction treatment. Meditation therapy is not designed as a standalone treatment method. Rather, a meditative therapy program complements traditional forms of therapy and the application of other holistic practices to ensure a person’s full needs are taken care of during recovery. 

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What Is a Meditative Therapy Program? 

A meditative therapy program is the application of meditation therapy inside of a more comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Meditation therapy and addiction treatment pair well. That’s because meditation offers a number of benefits to people during recovery.  

Part of what makes meditation popular is its portability and ease of implementation. No barriers to entry exist. Everything you learn and practice during meditation therapy sessions can be used on your own and in perpetuity. Part of what a meditation therapy program does is to make meditation a part of your routine. Like brushing your teeth before bed, meditation works best when it is engaged on a daily basis for a set period of time. The more committed and regular someone is with their meditative practice, the more benefits they tend to experience. 

While meditation therapy often encourages people to get in touch with their spiritual side, it does not require you to be part of any specific religion. Anyone, no matter their faith or religious background, can practice meditation.  

What Is Meditative Therapy Treatment Like? 

Meditation and meditative therapy are two distinct things. Meditation is something you can practice anywhere, at any time. It involves quiet contemplation, clearing the mind, and repeating a mantra. Meditative therapy includes all of those things, but it layers on a trained therapist who can guide you and support you in applying meditation for therapeutic results.  

Meditative therapy treatment is meant to layer onto and support other forms of treatment. For instance, someone receiving meditation therapy might also be going through cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions. CBT focuses on changing the thoughts and behaviors that govern problematic behaviors. Meditation therapy is a natural supportive fit because it helps people remain calm and clear-headed.  

Meditative therapy treatment also tends to be incorporated during addiction treatment alongside yoga. Practicing yoga and meditation simultaneously is great for someone’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Both meditation and yoga can also be enjoyed in group settings. This makes them a great fit for support groups that focus on physical well-being. Clearly, meditation therapy and addiction treatment work together well. 

Benefits of Meditative Therapy Treatment 

Meditation therapy offers people a number of benefits. Practicing meditation regularly provides emotional and physical benefits, such as: 

  • Gaining a new perspective on a difficult issue 
  • Managing stress more effectively 
  • Reducing negative emotions 
  • Improving sleep 
  • Expanding self-awareness 

Stress reduction is often one of the clearest benefits of meditative therapy treatment. This is particularly useful among people whose number one addiction trigger is stress. For people in that situation, dealing with stress is paramount. Meditation can be the perfect thing to alleviate stress in a healthy way. 

Learn More About Serenity Grove’s Meditative Therapy Program Today 

Is your recovery holistic? If not, you may be missing out on the kind of full-life transformation that is possible during recovery. Learn more about the meditative therapy program at Serenity Grove by calling 844.904.3485 or filling out our online contact form