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4 Anger Management Techniques for Adults

Woman learning anger management techniques

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences at different points in their life. As a result, everyone has used at least some anger management in life. However, some people, in particular, struggle to control their anger in a way that is truly beneficial to themselves and others around them. If you are one of these people, you might want to consider anger management counseling or other services.

Anger management techniques can be the difference between a productive day and one that spirals destructively out of control. Implementing anger management techniques can be a very effective way to experience less stress and healthier relationships.

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What Is Anger Management?

Anger management is the process of controlling anger so that it doesn’t control you. This is not to say that anger management is meant to eliminate anger from your life. Anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences at some point. Anger management is a way of dealing with that natural anger in positive ways that do not allow the anger to become destructive or harmful to yourself or others.

Different people have different needs when it comes to anger management. For some people, anger is fleeting and only happens in response to specific stimuli. For others, it can feel like anger is the response to everything in their life. No matter where someone is with this complex emotion, anger management techniques can help.

Anger Management Techniques to Better Handle Anger

A whole range of anger management techniques exist. Finding one or more that work best for you may be a process. Don’t expect instant change. But implementing these helpful techniques can make a major difference over time. Explore four anger management techniques that you can put into practice today.

Identify Triggers

Many people experience severe anger and yet cannot pinpoint why. In that case, the starting point is to spend time identifying your triggers. A few common triggers include:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Traffic jams
  • Long lines
  • Negative social interactions

The point of identifying your triggers is not so you can find someone or something to blame. Rather, pinpointing the source of anger can help you build a plan for how to either avoid those triggering stimuli or put a proactive plan into action so that when you encounter those situations, you can cope without resorting to extreme anger.

Step Away

Triggering situations are not always avoidable. But when they do happen, is your first reaction to dig in and sink deeper into the quagmire of your anger? Sometimes, the best approach is to step away or remove yourself. This may not be possible in the case of something like waiting in line for a necessary appointment, but it can be a game-changer for a heated conversation that seems to be escalating. Getting physical distance from a situation like that can significantly decrease your anger.


Exercise is a classic way to blow off steam and burn excess energy. It’s hard to stay angry when you put your muscles through a taxing physical regimen. Exercising helps clear the mind and decrease stress.

Talk It Out

Talking about your anger can be beneficial. It is never helpful to ignore recurring anger or pretend that it isn’t becoming an issue. Sometimes just airing your anger with a trusted friend or family member can aid you in processing why it is that you are angry.

Find Anger Management Help at Serenity Grove

When anger takes control of your life, or when you have tried to manage it on your own and are still struggling, know that help is available. Serenity Grove offers a variety of mental health and anger management services. Learning how to manage your anger effectively is not something you need to do alone. Discover anger management techniques that will work best for you by calling Serenity Grove’s caring staff at 844.904.3485 or filling out our secure online form.