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Outpatient Rehab in Athens, Georgia


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outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatmentSerenity Grove offers a variety of outpatient drug and alcohol rehab options in Athens, Georgia to serve every individual no matter what point they’re at in their recovery journey. At Serenity Grove, clients can continue to participate in addiction treatment therapies even after completing a residential treatment program. To learn more about the benefits of outpatient treatment and how Serenity Grove can help you or your loved one heal, connect with our team at 844.904.3485.

Outpatient Rehab Options in Georgia

At Serenity Grove, we’re committed to providing our clients with outpatient treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction. Inpatient or residential treatment isn’t the only option for those looking to achieve sobriety. Our qualified staff members will determine if outpatient therapy is a viable option for you depending upon your lifestyle and goals. Whether you’re a Georgia resident or not, we can help you with the healing process.

The outpatient rehab options we offer include:

  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Outpatient programs
  • Transitional care
  • Continuing care

Long-term sobriety and recovery demands a solid support network and continued personal growth. An individual needs to gain healthy skills in order to develop relationships and make positive choices. All of our outpatient programs help individuals with their recovery. They’re designed to help them with coping with cravings and deal with the compulsion to use. Individuals will also learn how to identify and cope with different emotions, such as stress, anger, and resentment. They’ll learn ways to develop and maintain positive relationships.

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Partial Hospitalization Programs

The most intensive outpatient treatment option is our partial hospitalization program (PHP). The program can be done on an outpatient basis. It doesn’t require residential or inpatient treatment.

Serenity Grove’s PHP meets Monday through Saturday. It offers over 30 hours each week of therapeutic education and treatments and can be attended as an outpatient or as a resident. Our qualified team will determine which is the best option for you or your loved one. If an individual needs medical detox, they may be transitioned to the outpatient PHP after their detox. Most people who qualify for PHP services can also do their detox on an outpatient basis as well.

Intensive Outpatient Services

For individuals who are more stable and don’t have as severe symptoms, intensive outpatient services or IOP may be an option. This treatment program causes the least amount of disruption to an individual’s work or school schedule. They’re able to enjoy the comforts and responsibilities of living at home.

Some individuals may be able to use IOP as their primary treatment plan. Other people may need in-patient care or medical detox assistance before transitioning to outpatient care. Once the individual has stabilized and is on a clear path to recovery, a step down from either inpatient or PHP services to outpatient may be the right choice.

Lifetime Continuing Care Program

Lifetime continuing care, or aftercare, is part of the Serenity Grove commitment to our clients. All individuals who graduate from their recommended treatment program have access to lifetime continuing care at no additional charge.

We understand the importance of a reliable and available lifeline. Our program meets weekly for alumni and individuals currently receiving treatment. They’ll have the opportunity to meet and check in with one another and our staff. Having individuals who have successfully made it through the program in a setting with those who are new to the experience is beneficial to both parties.

Individuals just starting out can see the numerous benefits that come from living a life without addiction. They’ll be able to see how others have accomplished what they’re trying to do, and it’ll give them the confidence to keep going. Those who have graduated from the programs can see a reminder each week of what it’s like to be starting treatment.

The therapists and coordinators in the lifetime continuing care program are highly trained. They’re available for when hardships, triggers, or stressors occur in life. All individuals in the program can easily reach out, and Serenity Grove is there for them.

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You or your loved one don’t have to go through the road to recovery alone. Our staff is trained in addiction management, personalized treatments, and medical detox. We’re here to help those who are ready to put in the work for sustainable sobriety. Connect with our team at 844.904.3485 today to learn more about outpatient addiction treatment.