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Anger Management in Athens, GA


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Experiencing anger is a natural part of life. Everyone gets angry at some point or another. It is, to a large extent, inevitable. But it is also one emotion that can get out of control or become problematic if not dealt with in a healthy, responsible manner. That’s where anger management comes in. Anger management is theanger management therapy participants learn how to regulate their emotions and control their anger process of learning to cope with anger. It is not meant to eliminate anger from someone’s life entirely. Instead, anger management is designed to help people put coping mechanisms and practices in place so that when they do experience anger, they do not let it control them.

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What Is Anger Management?

Anger management is the process of helping someone learn to deal with their anger in productive, helpful ways. As mentioned in the introduction, it is not a means of eliminating anger from your life altogether. Rather, it is an approach to regulating anger and learning different ways to address it so that it does not derail your life, relationships, or profession.

Anger management therapy relies on a set of three techniques to produce positive outcomes. These three techniques used in anger management therapy are described below.

1. Identifying Triggers and Responses

Many people are unaware of what causes their anger. They may not realize what is setting them off and causing their anger to spiral and become their dominant emotion. Anger management helps people understand what leads to anger, what a typical reaction looks like, and what the consequences of that anger happen to be.

2. Anger Diffusion

The second technique, called anger diffusion, is the process of disrupting anger or at least managing the response in a healthy manner. For instance, therapy will help someone learn anger diffusion by roleplaying scenarios that make someone angry. Instead of letting the anger go unchecked, therapy will offer different strategies that keep anger from taking over a situation or causing damage.

3. Modifying Thoughts and Behaviors

The last overarching technique in anger management is the process of changing thoughts and behaviors. Anger cannot always be controlled. But the response to anger can be planned. Negative patterns like catastrophizing or judging can be disrupted during anger management, and new methods of reacting can be put in place.

Benefits of Anger Management

Anger management can be incredibly helpful for people who struggle with anger or rage on a regular basis. The first benefit to note about anger management is how impactful it can be across different areas of a person’s life. For instance, anger management can improve:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Relationships
  • Career prospects

From those larger benefits, it’s worth drilling down to the more tactical benefits. First, anger management helps you understand your triggers. Many people are unaware. They get angry a lot but have no clue what sets them off. Anger management equips people with the knowledge of what their triggers are and what they can do to lessen the impact of those impacts.

Second, anger management helps people acquire coping skills and relaxation techniques. These can be put in place proactively so that anger becomes less common. They can also be used reactively in situations where anger bubbles up. Third, anger management tends to improve a person’s communication skills. Expressing feelings without resorting to anger is essential and something anyone can learn through anger management.

Discover Life Improvement Through Anger Management at Serenity Grove

You don’t have to let anger control your life and strain your relationships. Serenity Grove is here to help you overcome your anger issue. Call 844.904.3485 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about anger management and how it can improve your life today.