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Polysubstance Addiction Treatment


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a group therapy program in session within a polysubstance abuse rehab programPolysubstance abuse is a serious problem that requires professional help for successful recovery. Seeking treatment from a qualified professional is essential for gaining control over substance use disorder and beginning the journey towards lasting wellness. Serenity Grove Recovery provides polysubstance abuse treatment in Athens, GA. Call 844.904.3485 today to learn more about your substance abuse treatment options. 

What is Polysubstance Addiction?

Polysubstance addiction is a form of substance use disorder where an individual uses and is addicted to more than one type of drug or substance at the same time. Polysubstance addiction can manifest in a number of ways with a numerous combination of drugs and substances. Some examples of polysubstance addiction can include:
  • Alcohol and Prescription Drugs: This is one of the most. common forms of polysubstance addiction. Someone may start using opioids for pain management and drink alcohol concurrently, leading to dependence on both substances. 
  • Cocaine and Alcohol: Some may use cocaine to counteract the depressant effects of alcohol, allowing them to drink more for longer periods. This combination of substances can be dangerous due to the production of cocaethylene, a toxic substance formed when alcohol and cocaine are taken together. 
  • Benzodiazepines and Opioids: Benzos and opioids are both central nervous system depressants. Using them together can amplify the effects of each, increasing the risk of respiratory depression. 

Why is Polysubstance Abuse Dangerous?

Polysubstance abuse is particularly dangerous due to the fact that the different interactions on different substances have different effects on the mind and body. Different substances can interact in unpredictable ways. The effects of one drug and amplify or negate the effects of another, leading to unexpected and sometimes severe reactions.
In addition, when multiple substances are used together, the risk of overdose increases significantly. According the the CDC, in 2019, nearly half of drug overdose deaths involved multiple drugs.  

Warning Signs of Polysubstance Abuse 

People who engage in polysubstance abuse may mix different types of substances together for various reasons, such as to offset side effects or increase intoxication. Polysubstance abusers often have difficulty recognizing the signs and symptoms of substance use disorders which can lead to delayed treatment that can result in further health complications. 

Warning signs of polysubstance abuse include: 

  • Negative changes in mood and behavior 
  • New or worsening problems at home, work, or school 
  • Isolation from family and friends 
  • Lack of motivation or energy 
  • New or worsening financial problems 
  • Risk-taking behavior 
  • Intense cravings for multiple substances 
  • Increased tolerance of one or more substances 
  • Balance and coordination issues 
  • Nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, and/or tremors 
  • Chronic fatigue 

The potential risks associated with polysubstance abuse are greater than those associated with using drugs individually due to the increased complexity of drug interactions. These interactions may result in severe physical and psychological health consequences, including organ damage, respiratory depression, cognitive impairment, memory problems, and even death. If you or a loved one is struggling with polysubstance abuse, it is important to seek help right away. 

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How Our Polysubstance Addiction Treatment in Georgia Works

When you first enter a polysubstance addiction treatment program, it can be intimidating. But with the help of trained staff and other individuals in recovery, you can expect to gain the tools you need for long-term sobriety. Here is an overview of what you should expect from our polysubstance addiction treatment program in Georgia:


The first step in any polysubstance abuse rehab program is drug and alcohol detox, which involves clearing your body of all substances. This process helps minimize withdrawal symptoms and prepare you for treatment. During this time, medical professionals will monitor your vital signs and provide medications as needed. 

Therapeutic and Community Support 

During detox, one-on-one therapy sessions are used to identify and address the underlying causes of your substance use. This can include exploring past traumas, developing coping skills, and changing unhealthy thought patterns. 

Once detox has been completed, residential rehab is provided, continuing to delve into causes of substance abuse and developing new tools to cope with stress. Group therapy sessions will allow you to discuss your struggles with addiction in a supportive environment where everyone is dealing with similar issues. You will receive feedback from peers as well as guidance from trained professionals. Community support outside of the treatment center including outpatient rehab provides an ongoing source of encouragement for those in recovery and helps to create a sense of community among those in recovery. 

Continuing Care 

Before you leave our polysubstance abuse rehab program, our staff will help you develop a continuing care plan to ensure that you continue on your path to sobriety. This may include referrals for additional therapy or medical treatment, as well as helping identify job and housing opportunities. Serenity Grove proudly offers lifetime follow-up support after discharge. 

Why Seeking Professional Help for Polysubstance Abuse Is So Important 

Polysubstance addiction treatment offers a variety of different treatment options that can be tailored to an individual’s needs. Professional treatment centers are staffed by experienced professionals who have the knowledge and resources necessary to provide quality care that leads to long-term recovery success. This includes medical detox, medication-assisted therapies, counseling, support groups, and other evidence-based treatments.  

Professional treatment also provides structure and accountability, which can be essential in overcoming addiction and implementing lasting change. Treatment centers offer a safe environment with many levels of care. Each option is designed to meet individuals where they are and help them build the skills they need to stay sober in the long term.  

Finally, professional treatment programs provide access to continuing care services like alumni organizations, continuing care plans, and return-to-use prevention plans. These resources can be invaluable in providing ongoing support throughout recovery and helping individuals stay connected with other people in recovery as well as professionals who specialize in addiction and mental health issues. With this comprehensive level of care and support, individuals have a greater chance of achieving lasting sobriety. 

End Polysubstance Addiction Treatment in Georgia Today

The most effective treatment for polysubstance abuse is a comprehensive approach that combines behavioral therapy with medication-assisted treatment. This treatment helps individuals break free from their substance use and learn to cope with the psychological factors associated with addiction. To learn more about our polysubstance abuse rehab program in Athens, GA and how we can help, reach out today. Call us at 844.904.3485 or fill out our online contact form