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Cocaine Detox Center in Athens, GA


Addiction doesn't wait.

Take your first steps towards addiction recovery with Serenity Grove.

Serenity Grove offers personalized and comprehensive cocaine detox in Georgia. Our experienced medical and mental health professionals are dedicated to helping individuals safely and effectively overcome their addiction to cocaine. We work with our clients to develop an individualized treatment and care plan that supports their recovery goals and objectives to achieve a new, fulfilling life free from cocaine addiction.

What Is Cocaine Withdrawal?

Cocaine withdrawal is the physical and psychological symptoms that occur when someone cuts down or attempts to stop using cocaine after developing dependence and addiction to the drug. These symptoms can vary in intensity and duration, depending on factors such as frequency of use, duration of use, and the amount consumed.

How Long Does It Take to Detox from Cocaine?

The amount of time to detox from cocaine varies from one person to another. Generally, it can take about two to three weeks to complete cocaine detox in Georgia and overcome the physical withdrawal symptoms. However, psychological withdrawal symptoms, like cravings, irritability, anxiety, and depression, can last for several weeks, months, or even longer after completing detox.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Some common cocaine withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased need for sleep
  • Vivid and unpleasant dreams
  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia 
  • Cravings for cocaine
  • Slowed thinking
  • Lack of motivation
  • Poor concentration
  • Self-harm and suicidal thoughts

Cocaine Withdrawal Timeline

The cocaine withdrawal timeline is unique for each individual based on their cocaine drug use habits. Generally, withdrawal during supervised cocaine detox will progress through the following stages: 

  • Early withdrawal: Early withdrawal is the stage that begins within the first 24 hours after last use. Symptoms may include fatigue, excessive tiredness, increased appetite, restlessness, and anxiety.
  • Peak withdrawal: Peak withdrawal usually occurs sometime between days two and four after last use. The withdrawal symptoms intensify until they peak. Symptoms such as intense cravings, depression, irritability, and mood swings are common during this stage.
  • Subacute withdrawal: The subacute withdrawal stage starts around day five and can continue for up to two weeks. Most physical withdrawal symptoms will subside during this stage. However, some people may still experience psychological withdrawal symptoms like carvings, anxiety, and irritability. 
  • Protracted withdrawal: In certain situations, some people may continue to experience anxiety, depression, and cravings after two weeks, which can persist for several more weeks or months. This stage is often referred to as post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). These symptoms will also subside eventually with continued cocaine rehab treatment. 

How Does Cocaine Detox in Georgia Work?

Cocaine detox in Georgia at Serenity Grove usually involves the following steps:

  • Assessment: Upon admission, individuals undergo a thorough assessment to determine their specific needs and develop a personalized treatment plan.
  • Medical monitoring: Our medical professionals oversee the detox process to ensure the safety and well-being of each individual. They may provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) using various medications to help manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Therapy and counseling: Behavioral therapy, group therapy, and individual counseling sessions are offered to address underlying issues contributing to addiction and teach coping skills for managing cravings.
  • Transitional aftercare planning: As detox nears completion, we work with our clients to develop a transitional aftercare plan, such as moving into our residential rehab or one of our outpatient treatment programs. 

Medications Used During Cocaine Detox

Several different medications may be used during cocaine detox. These medications are meant to treat specific withdrawal symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, and cravings, to ease their severity and frequency and may include:

  • Disulfiram
  • Propranolol or other anti-anxiety medications
  • Topiramate
  • Modafinil
  • Baclofen
  • SSRIs or SNRIs antidepressants

What Makes Serenity Grove Different?

Serenity Grove offers complete cocaine addiction treatment services that begin with personalized cocaine detox in Georgia. After detox, we provide access to customized residential and outpatient treatment programs to ensure individuals maintain their newly found drug-free lives. 

Additionally, we provide access to a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, therapists, counselors, and other clinicians to ensure our clients receive the individualized care and treatment they need to overcome their cocaine use disorder. We create a safe, supportive, and caring environment where individuals can take the first steps to a brighter future free from cocaine without outside distractions. 

We also provide access to discreet, private cocaine detox and addiction treatment services for professionals. Most importantly, we offer gender-specific care and addiction treatment programs tailored to the unique needs of men and women. 

We exist to provide hope for anyone who struggles with cocaine addiction, as well as those suffering from co-occurring mental health disorders. We strongly desire to help people and believe everyone deserves the opportunity to overcome addiction.

Start Cocaine Detox in Georgia Today

When you are ready to take the initial steps to break free from cocaine addiction, Serenity Grove is here to walk alongside you each step of your recovery journey. From your initial cocaine detox in Georgia and transitioning to one of our rehab programs to aftercare support for continued success, our experienced, caring, and compassionate team is here to provide the support and care you need. Contact us now to start your recovery journey to a brighter, cocaine-free tomorrow.