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What Is Group Therapy?

man explains to others what group therapy is

Group therapy is a vital component of most types of treatment programs. Groups can also be found outside of formal treatment programs, often in the form of support groups designed to help people dealing with a wide variety of issues. Especially when someone is dealing with substance abuse or a mental health condition, group therapy can be especially beneficial. Group therapy topics can be as open as “depression” or as narrow as “dealing with family members who are addicted to cocaine.” In the course of substance abuse or mental health treatment, clients are often asked to participate in group therapy in order to support one another in the recovery process.

How Does Group Therapy Work?

Therapy groups can be large or small and often have people from very diverse backgrounds. Groups work best, however, when participating clients all have backgrounds or situations that are similar. One or more psychologists or counselors lead the group, which helps keep the discussion on track. Clients are encouraged to share things that they have been dealing with, feelings they have, and other topics of interest to the group. The group has an opportunity to give feedback, share opinions, and even offer advice or support to one another. Over time, clients benefit from one another’s ideas and encouragement.

What Are Some Benefits of Group Therapy?

The benefits of group therapy are unique to each person, but some of the more commonly-experienced benefits are:

  • Developing a sense of community
  • Learning from others’ experiences
  • Having one’s own experiences validated by others
  • Receiving feedback from others
  • Being able to share one’s own experiences with others
  • Having the opportunity to discuss specific topics with people who understand
  • Learning to be more open with others
  • Giving feedback and encouragement to others

What Role Does Group Therapy Play in Substance Abuse Recovery?

The substance abuse support group is probably one of the most familiar types of group therapy. Most people know what a 12-step meeting is or have at least heard of it before. There are also other kinds of support groups for people in recovery from alcohol or substance abuse that are not based on the 12-step model. For people who are in recovery, having access to a sober community can be very important. Many people cannot return to old friends or situations in order to safeguard their recovery, so finding new people and places to rely on can make all the difference. Even though support groups are therapeutic, they are also meant to be a source of community and social support for people who attend them. In fact, these groups allow people in recovery to continue the work that many of them began in a substance abuse treatment program.

Who Can Benefit from Group Therapy?

As mentioned previously, people dealing with mental health conditions or substance abuse recovery can strongly benefit from participation in group therapy. People who have experienced a difficult or traumatic situation can also benefit from this kind of therapy. Some people who come from specific backgrounds also find themselves interested in attending a support group.

Serenity Grove Offers Group Therapy for Substance Abuse and Mental Health in Athens, GA

At our treatment center in Athens, GA, our clients are encouraged to participate in group therapy as part of our programming. Our individualized, holistic approach to treatment means that we honor our clients and recognize that, as much as we help them, they are also able to help one another. If you or someone in your family has been struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues, do not wait. Reach out to our caring staff at 844.904.3485 today.