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Group Therapy Activities

an addiction treatment therapy group meets for activities

Group therapy is a form of therapy where a single therapist works with multiple clients simultaneously. Most group therapy sessions are relatively small, with 4-8 people in a session. Depending on the cohort of clients and what issue is being treated, as many as 12 people may be in a session. Much of group therapy is centered on discussion. Some of this is open-ended or somewhat directed by the therapist. Group therapy is also a great forum for group therapy activities that engage the whole group around key topics that provoke rich discussion, introspection, and interaction.

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What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that facilitates healing and growth by allowing individuals to work through their issues together. It’s an effective approach that provides a safe space for people to share experiences, reflect on past behaviors, and develop healthy coping strategies with the help of others. In group therapy sessions, members can gain insight into how their behavior affects relationships or processes in their lives and develop the insight needed to make meaningful changes.

Groups can also provide a sense of shared understanding and connection that allows individuals to feel less alone and more supported as they work through personal issues. Group therapy is a great option for many people seeking support, encouragement, accountability, and guidance related to mental health concerns or addiction recovery. With the help of trained professionals leading the groups, members can benefit from a safe and supportive environment to explore their challenges and develop new coping methods. Group therapy offers an opportunity for individuals to connect with others in similar situations, learn about themselves, and gain skills that will help them live fulfilling lives.

5 Group Therapy Activities

The list of possible group therapy activities is basically endless. Anything that gets participants talking and engaging with challenging concepts that push recovery is a valid use of time during group therapy. Here are five group therapy activities used by mental health treatment providers like Serenity Grove.

1. Joyful Memory

Each group participant shares a joyful memory. They describe the scenario in detail and share the emotions, feelings, and thoughts that accompanied their past experience of joy. Participants can take the activity beyond pure discussion by engaging in playacting, casting other group participants as actors in their joyful memory. They may also play a role or else purely direct the scene.

2. Inner Child

The inner child activity asks participants to pretend they are children again by drawing and journaling about themselves as a child. They are directed to provide their child self everything needed to be happy, healthy, and whole. This often comes in contrast to their actual childhood experience but can help them identify what past roadblocks may be holding them back from wholeness in the present. Among the five group therapy activities outlined, engaging in inner child work stands out as particularly impactful and transformative.

3. Lifeline

Participants take a piece of paper and put two points on either end. One point represents their birth; another represents now. They draw a line between the two points and are then asked to identify three high points and three low points in their life so far. Participants share each event, celebrating the high points and offering encouragement or consolation about the low points.

4. Inside/Outside

Using a box or a bag, participants decorate the outside with words/phrases/images that they present to the world. They decorate the inside with things about them that nobody sees yet are nonetheless pieces of who they are. This activity encourages introspection about one’s core identity. It prompts reflection on how the outward presentation may differ from the true self.

5. Treasure Map

Using pieces of paper, group therapy participants label one corner “The Beginning” and the opposite corner “Success.” Then they draw a winding path between the two labels. This group therapy activity involves participants adding points of interest along the path. These points describe the goals they have in recovery alongside the obstacles they foresee ahead of them.

The list above highlights just five group therapy activities among many utilized by treatment providers like Serenity Grove. Not every activity will connect deeply with each participant. Yet the group therapy experience as a whole holds a lot of power for helping people through recovery.

Find Group Therapy at Serenity Grove

Mental health and addiction treatment professionals widely use group therapy. Anywhere you seek treatment is likely to offer some group therapy. Many people find the idea of group therapy off-putting and naturally prefer individual therapy. Yet group therapy offers many benefits and can be as effective as individual therapy. A few of these benefits are:

  • Exposure to different perspectives
  • Relationships and camaraderie
  • Accountability
  • Self-discovery
  • Interpersonal confidence

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