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Family Therapy in Athens, GA


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Family therapy is a type of therapy that is designed to treat an entire family unit. This is a means of addressing the impact that mental health and interpersonal issues have on the health of a family. Even if only one person has a formal substance abuse or mental health disorder, family therapy is still helpful in that itfamily therapy helps this couple repair their relationship and connect with their children supports everyone who is affected. Ultimately, family therapy is a great way to improve how family members interact and relate to each other.

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What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is when multiple family members participate in therapy together. It starts with a recognition that everyone in a family is affected by the presence of a mental health or substance abuse disorder. A few goals inherent to family therapy include promoting a healthier home environment, improving communication among family members, and helping a family understand the complexity of a mental health or substance abuse disorder.

Family therapy comes in many different varieties. Four common types of family therapy are detailed below.

1. Family Systems Therapy

Family systems therapy works at helping each family member lean into their strengths as a means of improving a unit’s overall mental health. This is not to say that weaknesses or challenges are not discussed. Yet the family systems approach prioritizes the assets that make a family unique and strong.

2. Functional Family Therapy

Functional family therapy tends to be short-term. It is designed for families who need help with a specific issue like risky behavior, violence, or substance abuse. It is often used for families with teenagers who exhibit problematic or dangerous behavior.

3. Narrative Family Therapy

As its name might indicate, narrative family therapy is all about exploring the story each family member has about their family. Each individual’s story is important to understand as it shapes who they are and how they interact with the rest of the family. This approach is great at unearthing and resolving issues surrounding boundaries and misaligned family dynamics.

4. Supportive Family Therapy

Supportive family therapy is best for families that struggle to communicate openly and share their feelings. This approach focuses on laying the groundwork to promote the safety and vulnerability of a family to begin discussing its problems.

Family Therapy Benefits

Many different issues can be tackled during family therapy. Anything that is causing family problems is fair grounds for discussion and processing during family therapy. A few of the biggest things that family therapy is designed to address include the following:

  • Divorce
  • Trauma
  • Death or severe illness
  • Behavioral issues in teens or children
  • Substance abuse
  • Interpersonal conflict

One of the most significant benefits of family therapy is that it helps people learn to communicate more effectively. This can help with conflict resolution and ensure that everyone in a family feels understood and heard.

Family therapy is also tactical and able to solve specific issues. For instance, if one member of a family is struggling with mental health, there might be systems in place that worsen that issue. Family therapy helps people recognize the multiple influences that govern a problem like mental health. Once those are recognized, they can be changed to support a healthier family ecosystem.

Find Family Therapy Near You at Serenity Grove

Are you in need of family therapy? Serenity Grove is a trusted provider of family therapy, particularly when substance abuse or mental health disorders have disrupted the functioning of a family.

Family therapy is a great way to resolve conflict, heal together, deepen shared understanding, and learn how to communicate better. It may not feel comfortable at first. But it will lead to lasting improvement in how your family interacts and works together.

Learn more about family therapy near you when you call 844.904.3485. You can also reach the team at Serenity Grove via our online contact form.