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Recovery: Hobbies Can Help

Man enjoying recovery hobbies while in addiction treatment

The road to recovery is both rewarding and challenging. By seeking the best treatment and having the help and support of friends and family, you can stay on the path to better mental, physical and spiritual health. At Serenity Grove, we’ve seen so many people succeed, and you can too!

Along your journey, one important thing to remember is the importance of keeping your mind engaged and occupied during your spare time. Boredom is something a recovering addict needs to avoid, as it can lead to depression, loneliness, and other issues that make staying sober challenging. Having fun and doing interesting things helps avoid longing to use again. It can also add purpose and passion to life, without which recovery can be nearly impossible to maintain.

In short, hobbies are good for the soul, stimulating to the mind, and provide motivation for staying sober! New hobbies can fill the void left when you walk away from old habits and help you rediscover who you were before substances hijacked your life. Contact Serenity Grove at 844.904.3485 for more information about hobbies for recovery and our addiction treatment programs.

Why Hobbies for Recovery?

Recovery hobbies can:

Fill the void of old habits, helping to keep you busy and avoiding boredom

  • Provide a sense of purpose and passion in life
  • Improve mental and physical health. Create a sense of achievement and self-worth
  • Help build a support network of like-minded individuals. Strengthen your commitment to sobriety and overall well-being

Which Recovery Hobbies Will Benefit Me?

You may wonder what might best keep you engaged and interested, and an excellent place to start is by recalling things you enjoyed doing before addiction. Did you enjoy swimming in the pool or the lake in the summer? Were you an avid reader or someone who enjoyed writing? Try to recall what most interested you. Friends and family may be able to help you recall or discover what it was that interested you the most. These may be specific things like painting or a broader application to art in general. Perhaps you once enjoyed running, but now bicycling, kayaking, or other activities may be even more engaging.

Some ideas for hobbies in recovery include:

  • Exercise – Running, walking, weight lifting, cycling, yoga
  • Outdoor activities – Hiking, camping, fishing
  • Creative arts – Painting, drawing, sculpting, photography
  • Music – Playing an instrument or learning to sing
  • Books and literature – Reading, writing
  • Crafts – Knitting, woodworking, jewelry making
  • Cooking and baking
  • Sports – Joining a team or league
  • Volunteer work – Giving back to the community

Whatever your interests, remember to keep yourself occupied and engaged in positive activities that stimulate both your mind and body. Recovery hobbies can make all the difference in maintaining lasting sobriety, and Serenity Grove is here to support you on your journey.

Try to include some hobbies that increase your endorphins and other natural hormones, as well as neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. The physical and mental benefits of exercise and sports are numerous and well-known. Drugs and alcohol release neurotransmitters, chemicals, and hormones into the body and brain that cause feelings of joy, pleasure, or relaxation. Craving these things makes staying sober a real challenge, but physical exercise can produce the same feelings of pressure and stress relief.

Explore Hobbies for Recovery at Serenity Grove

Taking up recovery hobbies can enhance your recovery experience and help you through residential addiction treatment, detox, and any other aspect of recovery. Our Serenity Grove staff can help you discover and develop the best hobbies to fit your personality and interests.

Take the first step and call one of our care representatives at 844.904.3485 today or fill out our online form.