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Inpatient Detox Facility Myths, Debunked

Inpatient Detox Facility

There are so many rumors about drug use. In 2018, more than 67,000 Americans died because of a drug overdose. That number includes hundreds of Georgia residents.

One reason why the death toll is so high is that people believe time in an inpatient detox facility won’t work. That’s the biggest misconception of all. An inpatient facility can provide treatment for many people with all sorts of drug problems.

When can a person check themselves into a facility? What is rehab like? What kind of treatment can a person receive, even after a relapse?

Get the facts and you can get going on your recovery journey today. Here is your quick guide.

You Need to Hit Rock Bottom Before Going

A lot of movies depict alcohol and drug detox as a response to an overdose. In reality, anyone can go to an inpatient detox treatment program whenever they want.

Clients of facilities can be of any age or background. A client could have just started using drugs, or they could have been using drugs for years. They could have suffered multiple overdoses or no side effects at all.

The only similarities amongst all people in a detox facility are a recognition of a problem and a desire to change. If you want to get help, you can get help right away.

You Can’t Go Back if You Relapse

Relapsing is a common part of many people’s recovery journeys. It can invoke deep feelings of shame and frustration. Some people feel like they will be abandoned or discriminated against if they seek help.

A person can return to a facility where they got a medical detox. They can also go to a different facility. They do not have to disclose that they have relapsed.

Some people may need new strategies to keep up with their recovery. Others may need reminders of what they should do. Detox and drug recovery are personalized, so a person will receive exactly what they need in order to live a full life.

Rehab Is Expensive

A lot of American medical care is expensive. This leads people to believe that rehab is expensive. They want to get treatment, but they don’t pursue it because they assume they can’t pay for it.

But treatment for substance use disorders is an essential health benefit under the Affordable Care Act. Your insurer cannot deny you coverage for your treatment. You also cannot receive a yearly limit for how much coverage you receive.

If you do not have an insurance plan, you can find another payment approach. Many treatment centers work with people to find some way to cover the expenses of their addiction treatment program.

If that doesn’t work, you can apply for a loan. Some loan companies offer payments specifically for medical treatment. You can also use a medical credit card to cover your costs.

Rehab Is Depressing

When people think of rehab, they often conjure up dark images. They think of locked cells, padded walls, and little plastic cups with medications in them. This is far from what a dual-diagnosis addiction treatment center has to offer.

Centers adopt multi-disciplinary approaches in order to address all of the clients’ needs. They can pray with a chaplain or spiritual advisor. They can talk to their family and friends back home and even invite them over for visits.

Centers allow clients to pursue their hobbies. Making art, singing songs, and writing poetry can help people process their lives and emotions.

If a person doesn’t like their alcohol addiction treatment center, they can leave. There are many different facilities within any given area, each with its own therapies. They can find a place that better fits their personality.

All You Do Is Talk

Talk therapy lies at the core of mental health treatments, including for drug addiction. This leads some people to assume that talking is all that clients do in alcohol detox or heroin detox.

That is also a misconception. Talk therapy works for many people because it gives them an opportunity to say what is on their minds. But if you do not like talk therapy, you don’t have to pursue it.

Doctors do their best to personalize treatments. You will do something else while staying in the facility.

You Will Get Cured Once You Enter a Facility

Some people come into a drug and alcohol rehab center with high expectations. They expect to stay for a few days and then leave without any dependency on drugs.

Doctors in the facility will do their best to remove drugs from their clients’ systems. They will oversee their withdrawals and give them strategies they need to resist using drugs again.

But they cannot promise a cure. As mentioned previously, relapsing is a common phenomenon amongst people who have used drugs.

Some genetic factors can increase a person’s tendency to use drugs. A facility can do not much to change these factors.

It is up to the client to continue their sober journey. They have many tools at their disposal, including sober living. If they relapse, they can get treatment again.

Find Your Ideal Inpatient Detox Facility

You deserve the truth about an inpatient detox facility. No one has to hit rock bottom before checking themselves in. They can return to the facility if they relapse.

Most treatments are covered under the Affordable Care Act. If they aren’t, a person can pay for them through another means.

Rehab is uplifting, incorporating a number of therapies besides talk therapy. A person should not expect to be cured of their addiction.

But they should expect to live a happier life once they go. Serenity Grove serves the Athens area. Contact us today.