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How to Deal With Anger Management

Man dealing with anger management

Anger is a natural human emotion. For many people, anger rises in response to valid stimuli and wanes naturally. But for others, anger festers and becomes a problem that governs much of their daily life. Out-of-control anger isn’t necessarily considered a mental health issue on its own. However, how people experience and express anger is very much influenced by mental health and even substance abuse. Addressing anger management in healthy ways is vital for living a productive, healthy life. Many tips exist for anger management at home. Mental health and substance abuse treatment providers like Serenity Grove also offer programming and counseling geared toward how to deal with anger management.

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How to Deal With Anger Management

People with anger management issues tend to feel as if their anger is uncontrollable. They may not be able to anticipate what will set them off, and anger consumes their entire being once they are triggered. The reality is that anger is manageable. Anyone can learn how to deal with anger management. Consider trying out one or more of these handy tips for anger management next time you feel anger rising.

Breathing Exercises

Anger tends to make people take shallow breaths that block them from calming down and heighten their sense of distress. Practicing slow, deep breaths is a great way to slow an anger response and help the body naturally calm down. This can also be taken a step further with the implementation of daily breathing exercises or even meditation.

Repeat a Mantra

The use of mantras often gets lumped in with religious practice or something that only monks do. But they can have a great impact when you begin to feel anger welling up. Choose a phrase that resonates for you and repeat it to yourself when things begin to spiral. A few common mantras people use for anger management include:

  • Relax
  • Take it easy
  • You’ll be okay
  • This, too, shall pass

Imagine Calm

One of the best ways to manage anger is to physically remove yourself from any stimulus that is causing the anger. When that’s not possible, or when stimulus is not present, it can be helpful to imagine a calming scene. Maybe your favorite place is the beach or a mountain hideaway. Close your eyes and put yourself in that mental space of calm and relaxation. The imaginative exercise can have a real-world impact on how you feel anger.


Anger often provokes harsh words. So for starters, try to avoid talking from a place of anger or letting your anger control what you say. Those thoughts and feelings still need somewhere to go. That’s where journaling can be helpful. A journal is a safe place to say all the things you need to get off your chest without directing hurtful words at your loved ones. The practice of emotional expression through writing is also known to have great mental benefits.

Find Healthy Outlets

Anger is not a bad emotion on its own. It has a natural role in our lives. Ignoring or tamping down your anger, even if it is extreme, is unlikely to be helpful in the long run. That’s why you need to find healthy outlets for your anger. That could be exercise, or it could simply mean learning how to communicate your anger to others without resorting to shouting or vicious outbursts.

Get Professional Support at Serenity Grove

It is okay to recognize that you need professional help in dealing with your anger management issues. Serenity Grove offers counseling and support that target the root causes of anger and help people implement healthy practices to right-size their relationship to anger. Contact us at844.904.3485 to learn more about how to deal with anger management.