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Why You Should Not Detox from Drugs at Home

a woman struggles to overcome withdrawal symptoms while detoxing from drugs at home

Detox is the process of weaning yourself off of a drug to the point of no longer using it. In some cases, that looks like stopping cold turkey under medical supervision. In other cases, it requires a longer process of weaning off a drug to allow the body to adjust more easily. Many people try to complete drug detox at home. The idea is understandable if a bit misguided.

Completing drug detox at home is technically possible, but it is not recommended for a variety of health and safety reasons. The much better, safer option is to find a trusted provider near you that provides drug detox services. Call 844.904.3485 or connect with us online to learn more about Serenity Grove’s drug and alcohol detox center.

Understanding the Severity of Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

The severity of drug withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person, depending on several factors. These include:

  • The drug’s half-life
  • The type and amount taken
  • How long it was used for
  • The individual’s overall health status and genetics
  • Taking multiple substances at once (polysubstance abuse)
  • Mixing drugs with alcohol

Most mild withdrawals last between one and two weeks; however, some types of drugs may have effects that persist beyond this time frame. For example, benzodiazepines and alcohol withdrawals are both known for having protracted withdrawal symptoms that can last for months. In addition, some substances, such as opiates and alcohol, can cause severe physical withdrawal symptoms that may be life-threatening if not properly managed with the help of a qualified medical professional.

Consulting with a healthcare provider or treatment program specialist prior to any attempt at quitting can help individuals better understand the risks associated with discontinuing the use of drugs. Additionally, seeking professional help from a detox center or recovery program can provide individuals with medications and other support to ease withdrawal while ensuring their safety during this difficult time. It is not advised that a person attempt to detox from drugs on their own.

Why You Should Not Detox From Drugs At Home

One of the biggest reasons not to do drug detox at home is that it just isn’t a successful method. Relapse rates are much higher among people who attempt at-home detox compared to those who seek professional help.

Moreover, detox alone is not a solution to the issue of substance abuse. It is a positive first step. But it is insufficient in isolation. Here are a few more significant reasons why you should avoid drug detox at home.

1. It Is Risky

Putting aside the fact of lower success rates for at-home detox, the biggest reason not to try this method is the inherent risk factor. Stopping drug use often involves severe withdrawal symptoms. That is not an excuse to forgo getting help. But it is a major reason why you should prioritize conducting detox through a medical facility rather than at home. A few of the possible withdrawal symptoms during drug detox include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Mental health issues like depression and anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep issues

Even more concerning is that, without proper medical oversight, withdrawal can actually be deadly in some circumstances. Detoxing from some drugs can involve risks of heart attack, seizures, or, in the case of alcohol addiction, delirium tremens. Each of these can be life-threatening if you are detoxing at home in the absence of medical care.

2. Lack Of Support

Trained professionals and peers in similar circumstances both offer vital sources of support during detox. Dealing with detox alone can be overwhelming and isolating. It is one factor in why relapse rates remain so high among people who try drug detox at home. Seeking out an addiction treatment provider for detox means you will be surrounded by care and support.

3. At-Home Detox Is Disconnected From Treatment

Detox is just the beginning of the recovery process. Formal, long-term treatment should immediately follow detox. People who try detox at home may not realize or understand the need for long-term treatment. Most addiction treatment providers offer detox that can directly segue into inpatient or outpatient care. Establishing a treatment plan immediately following detox is another key determiner of whether or not someone struggles with relapse.

Ultimately, the best and safest way to detox from drugs is with professional help and care at an addiction treatment facility. Withdrawal symptoms will be monitored and managed to get you through the unpleasant detox process as comfortably as possible, and a treatment plan will begin from there.

How Can I Find Drug Detox Near Me?

One reason that people so often try drug detox at home is that they are nervous about finding somewhere to access detox services. Part of that is stigma, and another part of it is simply a lack of knowledge. It’s okay to feel lost when asking, “How can I find drug detox near me?” But if you’re reading this, you’ve already found somewhere that offers high-quality detox services alongside numerous long-term treatment options.

Discover Effective Drug Detox At Serenity Grove

Serenity Grove has years of experience helping people detox from alcohol, opioids, heroin, cocaine, and other substances. Help is just a phone call away. Call 844.904.3485 or fill out our online contact form to learn how Serenity Grove’s detox services can help you begin recovering from drug addiction. Take the first step toward recovery today.