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What Is Holistic Therapy?

woman on massage table learning what is holistic therapy

The term “holistic” is frequently mentioned when discussing substance abuse treatment, but what does it really mean? Many people would view the concept of holistic care as new, but in reality, it originated with the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. Hippocrates viewed health as a state of balance in all aspects of a human. Illnesses and conditions were caused, in Hippocrates’ view, by a person’s elements and systems being out of balance with one another.  To return to a state of health, they must be brought back into alignment. In the modern day, holistic treatment strives to understand and address how the mind, body, and spirit affect one another so that the person being treated can achieve a state of wellness.

How Does Holistic Therapy Work?

In the context of substance abuse treatment, clients often come to treatment with other conditions that are impacting their ability to refrain from abusing substances. Some of these conditions might be:

  • Past trauma
  • Grief
  • Chronic illness or pain
  • Mental health conditions such as depression
  • Anger management problems
  • Family conflict

Holistic therapy maintains that, in order for a client to achieve a lasting recovery from substance abuse, the other factors that are also at work must be healed as well.

What Happens During Holistic Therapy?

Therapy, or individual counseling, is a part of holistic therapy, but it is only one part. Therapeutic care is also needed to help clients become aware of how their body feels or underlying mental and emotional states that might be impacting their urge to use substances. In holistic therapy, the first step to health is to become more aware of one’s whole self. Some of the techniques that may be used in the course of holistic therapy are:

  • Meditation and breathing exercises
  • Guided relaxation and imagery
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Development of positive communication skills
  • Physical wellness activities such as yoga

Can Holistic Therapy Help With Substance Abuse?

Yes, in fact, the industry standard for substance abuse treatment includes individualized care plans that are designed to address a client’s unique needs. In order to treat substance use disorder, it has long been known that other underlying issues must also be treated in order for the recovery process to work. Holistic therapy also has the added benefit of refocusing the client’s attention on caring for themselves as a person. This can be a major benefit since substance abuse can often lead to a person neglecting their self-care and damaging their view of themselves. Holistic therapy works to heal this condition on many levels – physical, mental, and emotional. Holistic therapy also provides the client with techniques and strategies that will be useful in maintaining their recovery even after the intensive part of treatment is over, such as mindfulness and positive communication. Conditions that are leading to an urge to abuse substances are also addressed, such as mental health conditions and physical ailments.

Serenity Grove Offers Holistic Therapy in Athens, Georgia

At our treatment center in Athens, Georgia, we believe in helping our clients heal as whole people. This means that we care for them on mental, physical, and emotional levels as they progress on their recovery journeys. When participating in our programs, each client works with our care staff to develop an individualized treatment plan that is designed to work especially for their life. Our programs are built to work with clients dealing with any number of underlying situations, including PTSD, co-occurring mental health conditions, and others. If you or someone you care about has been struggling with substance abuse, don’t wait. Reach out to us today at 844.904.3485 and begin the recovery journey today.