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Rehab for the holidays?

Rehab for the holidays? Are you serious? Yes, drug and alcohol treatment for the holidays is a great gift to yourself and your family!

This was going to be the year you beat addiction. This was going to be the year you rediscovered life. Yet, here we are entering the holidays and it hasn’t quite worked out that way. You could say, “Oh well, I’ll get sober in January.” Isn’t that what you said last year? How about a new approach? Why not this year you give yourself and your family the best gift of all: recovery! The gift that keeps on giving year after year with compounded interest! How about this year you spend the holidays in treatment so next year, and all the years after that, can be what you wanted this year to be?

The excuses we make for not starting our recovery journey during the holidays are really the same self-defeating tactics we use all year; they just seem to have more clout between the turkey and Deck the Halls. But really it’s just the same old Grinch who wants to steal another Christmas. It’s always going to be challenging, regardless of the time of year or season. But this year can be different!
If you are suggesting this to a loved one, or considering for yourself, let’s look at some reasons why rehab for the holidays is a great gift idea:
  1. Home for the holidays. This might be the biggest barrier when thinking about holiday rehab. “I have to be home with my family for the holidays!” Think about past holidays, maybe even last year, and ask yourself how that worked out. We get caught up in the greeting card sentiment about this time of year, but for those with an alcohol or drug addiction the dreamy emotion quickly becomes a nightmare of stress, conflict, and embarrassment. Spending time away from your family in treatment means you can really be “home for the holidays” in the future and your family won’t have to worry about the associated drama.
  2. I can’t be away from my job or school. The reality is that many businesses slow down this time of year and schools have long breaks. While other times of the year your absence would be obvious, during the holidays people won’t even question you taking time off. This makes the holidays the best time for treatment. Your boss, customers, or teachers, probably recognize the impact of your addiction and would welcome this effort to start the New Year with a new focus.
  3. I can’t afford treatment during the holidays. The end of the year may actually be the best time financially because of insurance deductibles already being met. With many policies, January means a whole new “out-of-pocket” expense which might affect the total coverage an insurance company will pay. Call Serenity Grove in Athens, GA at (706) 389-5157 to discuss.
  4. It would be selfish to go into treatment during the holidays. Self-care and selfishness is not the same thing. Getting treatment is the opposite of selfish. Investing in yourself so you can be a better father, mother, spouse, son or daughter is not selfish. Matter of fact, since Serenity Grove is small compared to many treatment centers, a client benefits from more focused attention and individualized care…that isn’t selfish, that is a good investment in you.
Don’t put this off for until next year; make next year what you want it to be, all it is meant to be by entering treatment now during the holidays. Recovery is a life long journey that can’t be postponed, the consequences are too high. Give yourself and your family the best gift of all this holiday season: call now (706) 389-5157 for a free consultation.