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How to Get Clean from Cocaine

woman in group therapy learning how to get clean from cocaine

Learning how to get clean from cocaine is a process and doesn’t have to be done alone. Decades of research and clinical work have distilled the process to a science and made it easier to quit cocaine, regain your quality of life, and achieve recovery.

When you’re looking for a cocaine addiction treatment program, reach out to the professionals at Serenity Grove by contacting 844.904.3485. Our drug detox in Georgia can help you overcome your addiction and be there to support you every step of the way.

The Consequences of Cocaine Use Disorder

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug that can quickly lead to addiction. It affects both the mind and the body, and the long-term effects of cocaine use can be difficult to break free from on your own. People who have a cocaine use disorder may experience:

  • Persistent cravings for cocaine
  • An inability to stop cocaine use on their own
  • Lack of motivation
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or activities outside of cocaine use
  • Cardiac health problems
  • Weight changes

These effects happen because cocaine creates powerful physical and psychological changes as a direct result of its use.

How Cocaine Affects the Mind and Body

In the brain, cocaine primarily affects the neurotransmitter dopamine, which has been linked to reward, motivation, and addictive behaviors. Cocaine creates a powerful surge of dopamine, leading people to repeatedly use the drug.

Furthermore, other activities that produce dopamine, such as exercise or spending time with friends, can begin to pale in comparison to the large dopamine rush of cocaine and no longer feel rewarding at all.

In the body, cocaine primarily affects the cardiovascular system. It can increase your blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. In some cases, this can lead to lasting heart problems.

How to Get Clean from Cocaine

Getting clean from cocaine means addressing both the physical and mental health of the person seeking recovery. Ensuring physical health needs are met starts with abstinence and continues with medical monitoring of your physical condition.

This could mean getting back to a healthy weight, monitoring your cardiovascular system for unexpected changes, and getting adequate sleep and nutrition.

Treating the mental side of a cocaine addiction takes a team of addiction experts. Treatment for cocaine use disorder includes:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Treating co-occurring disorders
  • Medication-assisted treatment

Together, these tools can help you learn the root cause of your addiction, identify your triggers, and manage drug cravings in the future. Additionally, these treatments can help people rebuild relationships that have been damaged during addiction and teach people the essential tools required for a life in recovery.

How Long Does It Take to Get Clean from Cocaine?

Many people starting their recovery journey ask, “how long does it take to get clean from cocaine?” The answer isn’t as simple as you may think. Cocaine is eliminated from the body relatively quickly and can typically no longer be detected after three days.

Yet, truly achieving recovery, where you can resist the temptation of returning to drug use, can take much longer. The brain changes associated with chronic drug use can last for months or years.

The therapies and treatments at a cocaine addiction treatment program provide tools to manage the psychological component of staying clean while helping people to build better and healthier lives.

Start a Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program at Serenity Grove

When you’re ready to start a cocaine addiction treatment program, call the addiction experts at Serenity Grove by dialing 844.904.3485.

Our intensive treatment programs can help you achieve abstinence, learn the tools needed to stay sober, and build a strong life in recovery. All you need to do is make the call—our team can show you the rest of the path.