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5 Surprising Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Person enjoying the benefits of holistic therapy

Most people think that therapy is a single person talking to a counselor, usually about their childhood or events of the past. This is indeed the traditional form of therapy, but there are many kinds of therapy available nowadays. One of the types of therapy that can be helpful, especially in the context of substance use disorder treatment, is holistic therapy.

What is holistic therapy? How is it different from traditional individual counseling? What are the benefits of holistic therapy? If you are seeking treatment for substance use for yourself or a loved one, learning more about these questions can empower you to make the best choices for your recovery care.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, there are many holistic options available at Serenity Grove. Contact us today at 844.904.3485 to learn about our substance abuse treatment options.

What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy is a therapeutic approach that, rather than focusing on treating symptoms or behaviors, focuses on the client’s general well-being. In addition to talk therapy, holistic therapy might also include aspects of mind-body wellness, spiritual health, and alternative or complementary treatments such as meditation or massage.

5 Benefits of Holistic Therapy That May Surprise You

  1. Holistic therapy focuses on the well-being of a person is far more effective at promoting happiness and healthy decision-making because the end goal is to become a healthier, happier person rather than stopping a behavior.
  2. Acting with intention instead of reacting to tension produces a better outcome. Holistic therapy looks at the big picture of a person’s well-being instead of trying to treat behaviors or symptoms individually. The idea is that, if a person is healthier and happier, some of the troubling situations or behaviors will be easier to resolve.
  3. Holistic therapy in the context of substance abuse treatment works well because substance abuse is not a stand-alone problem. Substance abuse is a complex condition. People abuse substances for a variety of reasons, some physical, some mental, some emotional. In order to maintain a strong recovery, each of these reasons must be uncovered and addressed properly.
  4. Holistic therapy promotes healthy self-care and self-love. In our society, focusing on one’s own needs gets a bad rap at times, but in order to be healthy, self-care and self-love are vital. Therapy that addresses the needs of the whole person can help develop good habits around caring for oneself.
  5. Holistic therapy can help clients learn to understand themselves in a new way that promotes health, happiness, and recovery. Often it can be hard to recognize all the ways that our feelings, emotions, and thoughts can become entangled and affect our behavior and choices. Holistic therapy can help clients unravel all these relationships and learn an approach to life that promotes and supports recovery.

Can Holistic Therapy Help Me?

Is holistic therapy right for you? If drugs or alcohol are:

  • Causing a disruption in your life
  • Keeping you from doing the things you want to do
  • Taking you away from the people you care about

then you could benefit from seeking treatment. Studies have shown that people who participate in treatment for substance abuse are more likely to return to the activities they value, such as work, school, or family life.

Serenity Grove Offers Holistic Therapy for Substance Abuse

Clients at our treatment center in Athens, Georgia, participate in an array of programming designed to help each individual achieve their treatment goals and get back to living their best life. Our staff of highly trained clinicians has the knowledge and compassion to guide you or your loved one through the recovery process, so don’t hesitate. Reach out to us today at 844.904.3485 and learn how we can help.