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3 Goals For Substance Abuse Treatment

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The biggest goal for substance abuse treatment is achieving a healthy life again. But that is far from the only goal involved in the recovery journey. Simply achieving initial sobriety during treatment is just part of the battle. Other goals for substance abuse treatment help fortify a person’s ability to avoid relapse and deal with triggers and stressors in healthy, productive ways.

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The Purpose and Elements of a Treatment Plan

A treatment plan for someone going through substance abuse recovery is precisely what it sounds like. It is a plan for how to treat the substance use disorder. Plans are customized to meet each client’s individual needs and are flexible enough to accommodate change over time. Nonetheless, their roadmap provides accountability and guidance throughout the healing journey.

Treatment plans tend to incorporate three distinct elements: goals, objectives, and interventions. Goals are the large end results that people seek in recovery. Objectives are smaller and more defined. Many objectives can fall under a single goal. For example, an objective might be to participate a certain number of times in your next group therapy session. Lastly, interventions are what therapists, counselors, and other treatment professionals use to help people advance toward and achieve their objectives.

Goals For Substance Abuse Treatment

The biggest goal for anyone experiencing substance abuse treatment is to arrive at lasting sobriety and overcome addiction. Here are three goals for substance abuse treatment that expand the outlook beyond simple sobriety:

Understanding Substance Abuse and Mental Health

A major goal of substance abuse treatment is helping people understand substance abuse and mental health. This knowledge is helpful for clients in making sense of their lives and how their disorder affects them. This goal can be especially helpful for people who have identified mental health as a major influence in their experience of substance abuse. Often, a mental health disorder is the root cause of their substance use issue, as it’s only natural to try to self-medicate.

Develop Positive Coping Mechanisms

Coping mechanisms are essential to lasting recovery. For many people, substance abuse is a negative type of coping mechanism. Much of addiction treatment focuses on helping people acquire positive coping mechanisms as a means of avoiding relapse.

Build Sober Support Networks

Addiction is often terribly isolating. Another important aspect of substance abuse treatment is connecting clients to sober support networks during treatment. These support networks often develop in group therapy or through formal support groups people join during treatment.

SMART Goals in Substance Abuse Treatment

Serenity Grove is a leading provider of substance abuse treatment in Athens, Georgia. The goal-setting process is a natural component early on in building treatment plans at Serenity Grove. The best goals are created as SMART goals. SMART breaks down as an acronym that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

The three goals for substance abuse treatment referenced above are not on their own necessarily SMART. That’s where the hands-on input from expert clinicians comes in to ensure that those goals contain the SMART elements and are not too broad or generic.

Find Substance Abuse Treatment Near Me at Serenity Grove

Just like individuals have treatment goals, substance abuse providers also have goals when they deliver treatment and work toward better community health. These include:

  • Identifying the biological, physical, psychological, and social causes of substance abuse
  • Developing new initiatives and approaches to help prevent substance abuse
  • Advancing innovative treatment approaches
  • Increasing the public health impact of research and federal programs

Finding substance abuse treatment near you is as easy as making a call to Serenity Grove. Reach out us by calling us at 844.904.3485 or filling out our online form so that can help you achieve all of your recovery goals.