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The Benefits of Yoga Therapy

a woman takes up yoga therapy as part of her addiction treatment plan and it benefits her recovery greatly

Yoga practice has been around for thousands of years. More recently, yoga has exploded from coast to coast as a means of exercise, relaxation, and even therapy. When it comes to addiction recovery, yoga therapy is a form of holistic or alternative medicine. It does not have the research backing of a method like cognitive-behavioral therapy. But the benefits of yoga therapy are still clear to practitioners and participants. Participating in yoga therapy is a great way to boost your mental, emotional, and physical health while accelerating your recovery journey.

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What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is distinct from typical yoga practice. While they share much in common, for something to be called yoga therapy, it must be a specific application of yogic techniques to address mental, emotional, or physical needs. Common techniques used in yoga therapy include:

  • Postures
  • Exercises
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation techniques

Another differentiator between yoga therapy and general yoga practice is that yoga therapy is delivered by a trained clinician. Yoga therapy is a safe, gentle way of maximizing the body’s natural capacity for healing and stress relief. It can be applied in group or individual settings during recovery.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy offers many benefits to people during recovery. While much of yoga therapy will be done in consultation with a trained clinician, one of the biggest benefits is that yoga is portable. You can do yoga anywhere, anytime. This is helpful for extending yoga practiced during formal sessions.

Yoga therapy instructors may even give homework that clients are expected to do in the form of breathing exercises or daily yoga routines to bolster what is accomplished during formal sessions. Explore five more benefits of yoga therapy below.

1. Helps Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms

One yoga therapy benefit is that it can help reduce withdrawal symptoms. These are some of the biggest hurdles to overcome, especially early in the recovery process. Yoga is a great way to ease the mind and reduce stress while promoting overall health. That can reduce withdrawal symptoms and pave the way toward a smoother recovery.

2. Natural Mental Boost

Doing yoga makes people feel good. It naturally boosts energy levels and leaves people feeling mentally charged. Practicing yoga is a reliable method of feeling at peace, relaxed, and tranquil.

3. Positive Thought Redirection

It is easy to get stuck on certain thought patterns in relation to drug use. Yoga provides a way to decompress the mind and redirect your thoughts in positive ways. Much of yogic practice focuses on centering the body and mind and focusing on the present. Doing so helps people avoid lingering on the past or worrying about the future.

4. Offers Emotional Coping

Recovery can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Doing yoga allows people to relax and release difficult emotions that may be bogging them down. Another element of yoga practice that helps with emotional coping is the effort spent controlling your state of being. Self-reflection and meditation during yoga sessions are healthy ways to cope with complex, difficult emotions.

5. Improved Self-Control

Self-control is essential to recovery and avoiding relapse. Yoga can be essential in helping people fight cravings because of the way it promotes self-control.

Yoga therapy has been found to be a safe and beneficial form of treatment for a range of physical and mental health conditions. With its many benefits, yoga therapy is an excellent solution for those seeking to improve their overall health and well-being.

Experience the Benefits of Yoga Therapy at Serenity Grove

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