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Detox vs Rehab: Which Should I Choose?

Man is considering going to detox vs a full rehab
Many individuals coping with alcohol or substance use disorder go through a detox program to kickstart their recovery and begin a healthier life. Some even go more than once when there is a return to use or relapse. Not everyone who goes to a drug or alcohol detox goes to a rehab program afterward. It just isn’t necessary for every single circumstance. If you are trying to decide between detox vs rehab, contact Serenity Grove at 844.904.3485 in Athens, Georgia, for more information.
The decision to participate in a comprehensive rehab program is always yours. We always respect our client’s rights regarding their health care decisions. We welcome clients who want to detox before getting back on track. However, it’s always empowering to be informed to make the decision most appropriate to you and your future success.

What Is Detox and How Does It Work?

The following are elements and benefits of detox:

  • Detox treatments are designed to remove a physical dependency on drugs and alcohol
  • Patients detox under medical supervision at a detox center so they can be monitored safely
  • Patients will be instructed how to manage and deal with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms
  • Withdrawal systems can be dangerous and even life-threatening when not under proper care
  • Detoxing often takes place at a licensed and accredited treatment center for a matter of days and not weeks
  • It is typically residential
  • Detoxing ensures that patients won’t relapse while they are going through withdrawal symptoms

How Does a Full Rehab Program Work?

  • Are intensive treatment programs which require a patient to live at the facility, typically for 30 days or more.
  • Are designed to treat serious addiction issues.
  • Involve around-the-clock care and supervision so clients can focus on their recovery without outside distractions.

Outpatient programs:

  • Are a type of treatment that allows people to live at home while receiving therapy and counseling for addiction.
  • Involve treatment which typically takes place during the day and evening hours, with patients attending scheduled appointments at an outpatient facility.
  • Are less intensive than inpatient treatment.
  • Are designed to treat serious addiction issues.

Choosing Between Rehab vs Detox

Determining whether you should go to detox vs a full rehab can be challenging. There are several elements to consider:

  • Evaluate the severity of your addiction. If you have a severe addiction, you may need more intensive treatment than what detox can provide.
  • Consider your financial resources. If you have the resources to pay for full rehab, it may be a better option than detox because the care is more intensive.
  • Determine your support system. If you have a strong support system in place, you may be able to succeed in detox without the need for full rehab.
  • Regardless of your decision, consult with a professional to ensure that you are making the best decision.

Even after a successful detox, it’s common for clients to relapse. A client should never feel shame, guilt, or remorse after returning to use. We welcome back clients who have slipped with open arms. They are our brothers and sisters on a joint recovery mission, and we warmly welcome them back whenever we can. It doesn’t matter how hard they may have fallen. Serving clients from all over Georgia, the southeast, and nationwide, our reputation precedes us as a center that understands that nobody’s path is the same. We not only individualize our treatment plans, but we celebrate individuality. We offer a variety of payment options.

Contact Serenity Grove for More Information on Detox vs Rehab

Screening and evaluation for treatment recommendations are available immediately and without cost or obligation. We offer an array of different and affordable payment options as well. With our team of trained medical professionals, we can help you detox your body and mind from alcohol or other substances in just a few short days. If you are considering either detox or full rehab for yourself or a loved one, contact Serenity Grove at 844.904.3485 in Athens, Georgia, for more information and to learn about all the options and variety of payment options available.