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Do I Have to Do Full Rehab If I Just Want Detox?

Many addicted individuals go through a detox program to begin a different way of life. Some even go more than once when there is a return to use, also often referred to as a relapse. The simple fact is, a comprehensive 30-day addiction treatment program just isn’t necessary for every single circumstance. Oftentimes we can help you free your body and mind of alcohol or other drugs that are in your way to a better life within just a few short days under our care. We have a team of trained medical professionals who have helped many people just like you to get better fast and to get on about the business of living their best lives.

If along the way, more treatment is desired we can accommodate that too, but the decision is always yours, this is your right and we always respect our client’s rights when it comes to their health care decisions.
Detox treatments are designed to remove a physical dependency on drugs and alcohol. Patients often choose to detox under medical supervision because it helps them better manage and deal with often unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be dangerous, even life threatening. In addition, detoxing as an inpatient at a licensed and accredited treatment center ensures that patients won’t relapse while they are going through withdrawal symptoms.
At Serenity Grove, a Joint Commission accredited treatment center in Athens, GA we welcome clients who just want to detox and get back on track. We are in-network with a number of major insurers and we even work with out of network plans whenever possible to help our clients get the help they need. There are affordable cash options as well. Our team of experts will make the right recommendations and we then get to work towards your goals and wishes, providing help on your terms.
Your safety is always the first priority at Serenity Grove addiction treatment center in Athens, GA. Serving clients from all over Georgia, the southeast, and even other parts of the entire country, our reputation precedes us a a center that understands that your path and goals aren’t one-size-fits-all and we not only individualize our treatment plans, but we celebrate individuality, while helping our clients benefit from a community of peers, something bigger than themselves. These are some of the key ingredients to our success and rich history of helping people get on track and moving towards the life each aspires to live.
And finally, as the journey continues after a successful detox, we all know that life with its ups and downs continues to happen. And while return to use is not a requirement of recovery, it can be a natural part of many clients recovery journey. We, at Serenity Grove pride ourselves in NEVER being the shame, guilt, and remorse place. On the contrary, we welcome back our clients who have slipped and need to get back on track with open arms, as brothers and sisters on a mutual mission to recovery. And we welcome them back whenever we can, no matter how hard they may have fallen.
Screening & evaluation for treatment recommendations is available right away without cost or obligation. Why not call today and understand the options available to you or a loved one?