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How Alcohol Can Weaken Your Immune System

Woman is sick after alcohol weakened her immune system
If you drink alcohol, it’s important to be aware of how it can weaken your immune system. A weakened immune system can lead to serious health complications and a poor quality of life.
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How Does the Immune System Work?

The immune system is an important and sophisticated network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body from infection. It maintains the body’s ability to fight off infection and disease. It is actually your body’s first line of defense against infection.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Immune System?

The immune system is so vital to maintaining a healthy life and warding off diseases and viruses. Alcohol can severely interrupt this system and all its benefits to the body and mind. The use and misuse of alcohol can affect the immune system in the following ways:

  • When you drink alcohol, it prevents your body from producing the white blood cells that help to fight off infection.
  • Alcohol decreases the production of antibodies, proteins that help identify and destroy foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses.
  • Alcohol damages the lining of your gut, which makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to enter your body.
  • All of these factors can contribute to a weakened immune system and make you more susceptible to developing infections and diseases.

COVID-19, Alcohol and the Weakened Immune System

During the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, you want to protect yourself so you can stay healthy:
  • Because alcohol can weaken your immune system, it makes it easier for you to catch COVID-19.
  • If you drink alcohol while infected with COVID-19, you may be more likely to experience severe symptoms and complications.
  • Infectious pneumonia is a complication of COVID-19, and alcohol can increase your risk of developing this complication.
  • When you drink alcohol, it impairs your ability to fight off infection, making you more susceptible to pneumonia.
  • Additionally, alcohol can dehydrate you, making you more prone to pneumonia.

The Dangers of Alcohol

Alcohol does not just affect the immune system. Alcohol has short-term and long-term effects on almost every single organ of your body. It can lead to liver damage, cancer, and heart disease. When your liver is damaged, it can’t do its job of filtering toxins out of your blood. This can also make you more susceptible to infection. Alcohol depresses the central nervous system, which can lead to impaired judgment and also make it harder for your body to fight off infection.

Get Help for Alcohol Use Disorder at Serenity Grove

Are you worried that your alcohol use is spiraling out of control? Has your drinking already affected your health? Even if it hasn’t yet, now may is the time to take action. Serenity Grove is a licensed and accredited drug and alcoholism treatment center where we believe in our patients’ ability to recover. Our drug and alcohol rehab programs include an array of treatments. We offer medical detoxification, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment. We provide clients with top clinical staff, a serene setting, and the training and experience for treating addiction. Let us guide you through a successful recovery from your or a loved one’s alcohol addiction. Please call Serenity Grove today at 844.904.3485 for assistance.