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How to Beat Cocaine Addiction

a man is comforted by therapy group members in cocaine addiction treatment

Cocaine is a highly-addictive drug. It is classified as a stimulant. Over time, repeated cocaine use changes the brain. This makes it difficult to quit and almost impossible to give up entirely without professional help. Moreover, quitting without professional help is often complicated by the fact that withdrawal symptoms are common for people who use cocaine. Effectively managing these withdrawal symptoms during detox at a professional treatment center is essential to recovery. Beating cocaine addiction may not be easy, but it is possible.

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How to Beat Cocaine Addiction

Beating cocaine addiction is a process, not a moment. Simply deciding you want to recover is a vital first step. On its own, though, it is insufficient. Beating cocaine addiction requires long-term dedication and commitment. Below are five steps that outline how to beat cocaine addiction.

1. Communicate Your Intention

You must be honest with yourself regarding your need for cocaine addiction treatment. It’s equally important that you tell loved ones in your close circle your intentions as well. They can be your greatest allies and supporters during recovery. You should also tell people who have fueled your drug use that you intend to quit. This could involve cutting them off for the sake of your health and recovery.

2. Modify Your Habits

Chances are, in the course of using cocaine, you have developed habits that support drug use. If you want to overcome addiction, you must implement new habits that support sobriety. This may need to start with your social habits. For instance, as mentioned previously, who you interact with may have to change. What kind of social events you engage in may also need to change. But think more broadly here too. Healthy habits like exercise, a balanced diet, and proper sleep all help during recovery.

3. Fill Your Time With Positive Things

Quitting drug use will probably free up time. You won’t need to spend time finding drugs or using drugs. Filling this time effectively may actually be tricky at first. Plan how you want to spend this time, whether that be engaging in a hobby or investing more time with loved ones.

4. Seek a Community

Successful recovery is often bolstered by engaging with others in recovery. Sober support groups can be deeply meaningful spaces of engagement for many people as they learn to live without drug use. These people understand the struggle of addiction and can relate to the challenges of living sober. Many people find lifelong friends and mentors when they invest in support groups and attend regularly.

5. Address the Root Causes

Ultimately, beating cocaine addiction means you have to address the root causes of your addiction. If you do not, the risk of returning to use will remain high. Addiction might be self-medication, a form of survival amid complex circumstances, or avoidance. Whatever it is for you, it is necessary to unearth the root cause and excavate the blockage so that you can move forward effectively.

Beating Cocaine Addiction with Professional Help at Serenity Grove

Those five tips for beating cocaine addiction assume that someone is actively attending professional treatment. Without professional help, it is unlikely that you will establish the lasting sobriety that you are seeking.

In most cases, the first step in cocaine addiction treatment is detox in an inpatient setting. Inpatient treatment involves staying overnight at a treatment center for the duration of treatment. The inpatient setting offers the highest level of support, intensive care, and 24/7 medical supervision.

Another benefit of inpatient treatment is that it protects people from the outside world during the fragile early days of recovery. People are often at their most raw during detox. Yet it is essential to lay a firm foundation for the rest of treatment. Inpatient services tend to help people kickstart recovery in powerful ways.

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