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Finding Treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Athens, GA

Woman undergoing bipolar disorder treatment

Bipolar disorder is a type of mental health ailment that involves drastic mood swings between mania and depression. Two different forms of bipolar disorder exist. Bipolar disorder 1 and bipolar disorder 2. Bipolar disorder 1 is marked by depression, hypomania, and mania. Hypomania is slightly less intense than mania, though both involve feelings of euphoria. Meanwhile, bipolar disorder 2 is characterized by depression and hypomania. This means the lows are just as low, but the highs are never as high as in bipolar disorder 1. Treatment for bipolar disorder is often necessary to keep symptoms in check and not allow the disorder to take over all aspects of life.

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The Need For Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Athens, Georgia

Mental health disorders, including both types of bipolar, affect adults across the United States. Mental health disorders are a serious health concern across the country, with some estimates indicating that around one in four adults experience some kind of mental health disorder each year.

This crisis is worse across much of Georgia compared to other parts of the country. For instance, as a state, Georgia ranked 38th in the nation for child and family well-being according to data from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Even worse, Georgia ranked 45th in health in that same data set. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly exacerbated some of these poor health outcomes. More than 220,000 children and youth reported struggling with anxiety or depression in the past year.

While anxiety and depression are not the same as bipolar disorder, they can often act as precursor mental health disorders. Most of the time, bipolar disorder manifests in early adulthood. Thus, the alarming number of children and youth experiencing mental health struggles is one indicator that the need for bipolar disorder treatment will only continue to increase in the coming years.

Quality Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

The need for treatment for bipolar disorder is high and only likely to climb. The good news is that this need is being matched by high-quality mental health treatment providers like Serenity Grove in Athens, Georgia.

Treatment for bipolar disorder is considered lifelong. Similar to other mental health disorders, the focus is on managing symptoms and achieving the best possible quality of life. Most forms of treatment for bipolar disorder use a combination of medication and therapy. Medications can help balance mood and stop the swings between depression and mania from being so severe. The different medications used in bipolar treatment include:

  • Mood stabilizers
  • Antipsychotics
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-anxiety medications

Finding the right combination of medications and dosages can take time. In addition, experiencing some side effects from these medications is common, at least initially.

The other major aspect of bipolar disorder treatment is therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the foremost methods used in treating bipolar disorder. This approach prioritizes replacing negative, unhealthy beliefs or behaviors with healthier ones. Family therapy and psychoeducation are also common interventions for ongoing treatment related to bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment at Serenity Grove can Help

Serenity Grove is a leading provider of bipolar disorder treatment in Athens, Georgia. We focus on customizing each treatment plan to the unique needs of our clients. Treatment is a collaboration between the client and provider. Finding the right combination of treatment methods may take time. This is especially true in relation to medication for bipolar disorder. People react differently to each type of medication in terms of the impact it has and what side effects are experienced.

Take back control of your mental health. Finding bipolar disorder treatment near you in Athens, Georgia, is as simple as contacting us at 844.904.3485.