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What Is a Residential Treatment Center

a therapy group in residential treatment for addiction supports and uplifts each other

Addiction treatment often occurs in either an outpatient or a residential setting. Residential treatment involves staying overnight for the duration of treatment and receiving around-the-clock care. This form of treatment is often best for people who need significant support during detox or who struggle with a dual diagnosis. That is when someone has a substance abuse disorder and an addiction simultaneously. Residential treatment also gives people a break from their life and allows them to avoid environmental triggers that may be influencing their addiction.

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What Is a Residential Treatment Center?

A residential treatment center is somewhere that offers intensive, residential addiction treatment. People who seek treatment at a residential treatment center stay on-site for as long as they receive this form of treatment. During residential treatment, people are given the time, space, and support to work through mental, emotional, and behavioral issues.

In addition to detox services, the core of residential treatment is behavioral therapy. In addition to that, many residential treatment centers offer alternative therapies like massage, acupuncture, meditation, equine therapy, and art and music therapy. These alternative methods bolster evidenced-based approaches like:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Contingency management
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy

Whole-body recovery is the goal of residential treatment. This may not happen overnight. Yet healing is possible for anyone, no matter their previous struggles.

How to Find Residential Treatment Near You

People who desire recovery from addiction often ask, “How can I find residential treatment near me?” Usually, a simple Google search brings up so many results that it can feel overwhelming. And it can be hard to determine the quality of a program just by looking at it online. You want to make sure you select the right place for your recovery.

The first factor to consider is location. You may or may not have a high-quality program in your area. If not, what kind of travel are you willing to consider for a program? It’s also essential that you take some time to figure out what you are hoping to get from attending residential treatment. The obvious answer is sobriety. But dig deeper than that. There are likely other goals you are hoping to achieve by attending addiction treatment.

Another thing to think about is the exact type of residential treatment you need. Two of the most common types are clinical residential treatment and group residential treatment. Each of these is described below.

1. Clinical Residential Treatment

Clinical residential treatment is the traditional approach. You can expect to receive constant medical care, therapy, and ongoing support. This type of residential treatment helps people develop life skills and connects them with educational resources to build better self-understanding.

2. Group Residential Treatment

Group residential treatment options are sometimes referred to as group homes. A group home tries to build a community atmosphere among a cohort of people who are living together and trying to build lasting sobriety. Group homes may still offer clinical treatment, like behavioral therapy, but often focus more on the interpersonal and relational aspects of the recovery process. They help clients improve their mental and emotional health, develop interpersonal skills, and manage difficult mental health symptoms.

Discover Residential Treatment Near You at Serenity Grove

Are you seeking residential treatment near you? Serenity Grove is a leading residential treatment provider to people of all ages and backgrounds. We prioritize your comfort, care, and long-term healing. From day one, our expert clinicians will engage with you on a personal level to craft a comprehensive treatment plan that will help you overcome addiction and boost your quality of life. Call 844.904.3485 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about residential treatment near you.