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Meth Rehab Program


Addiction doesn't wait.

Take your first steps towards addiction recovery with Serenity Grove.

client in a meth rehab centerMethamphetamine, more commonly known as “meth” or “crystal meth,” is a potent drug that is often consumed recreationally. It can act as an aphrodisiac, induce feelings of euphoria and improve one’s mood, but it is also incredibly addictive and can lead to a number of physical and mental health issues. Those who are struggling with meth addiction should reach out for the professional assistance of a meth rehab center to begin the healing journey. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Serenity Grove’s substance abuse treatment program can help rebuild your life.

Meth is an illicit central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that may enhance one’s mood temporarily. However, it can frequently lead to mood swings, psychosis, seizures, and violent behavior. A meth rehab program can help the individual overcome their addiction and chemical dependence and resume a normal life.

To learn more about our meth addiction treatment program in Athens, GA, reach out to our team at 844.904.3485.

What to Expect in a Meth Rehab Program

Signing up for a meth rehab program might seem daunting at first, but it will be the best decision of your life. A typical meth rehab program usually encompasses the following:


Addiction treatment at a meth rehab center typically begins with medical detox. With the help of FDA-approved medications, the doctors carefully wean the client off the drug. Every effort is made to ensure the individual is safe and comfortable, and the painful withdrawal symptoms are minimized.


Once the withdrawal symptoms subside and the initial detox is complete, the client may attend therapy sessions, support group meetings, and partake in other holistic activities to improve their emotional well-being.

At a quality meth rehab center, the doctors and therapists will work with the client to uncover the root causes of addiction and address any co-occurring disorders. This approach is often referred to as “dual diagnosis” treatment.

Continuing Care

Finally, the client may opt for a continuing care program where even after the treatment is formally complete, they can remain in touch with their therapists and access vital healthcare resources.

Our Meth Rehab Center in Athens, GA

At our family-owned residential treatment center, we treat meth addiction and any co-occurring disorders. As part of our meth addiction treatment program in Athens, GA, we offer several unique benefits and services, such as the following:

  • Continuity with therapists – We ensure that our clients work with the same therapists through different levels of care, building bonds of trust and resilience.
  • LGBTQ+ friendly – In our welcoming addiction treatment center, we affirm and respect all identities and orientations, and ensure no client faces any form of discrimination.
  • 24-hour nursing care – Our high-risk patients are under constant supervision and receive around-the-clock nursing care, along with intensive medical attention.
  • A lifetime of continuing care – We offer lifelong continuing care services so that our clients can enjoy ongoing support through the years and can reach out to us in case of a crisis.
  • Life skills training – We empower our clients to be self-reliant and confident, teaching them effective strategies to cope with life’s many challenges.

Find Hope and Healing at Serenity Grove Recovery

At Serenity Grove, we believe a lasting recovery and lifelong sobriety are possible for everyone.

We cater to all kinds of clients, from teenagers to aged professionals, guiding them through detox, residential treatment, and outpatient care. Instead of focusing on the dark side of addiction, we encourage our clients to remain self-motivated and optimistic, as we help them find effective solutions to their issues. Depending on one’s case history and recovery goals, we create a customized recovery plan that utilizes the latest medical research and evidence-based therapies, for every client.
It is never too late to seek help. Begin your serene healing journey today by calling us at 844.904.3485.