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Group Therapy in Athens, GA


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What is group therapy? Put simply, group therapy is any type of therapy that is offered in a group setting. While not every kind of therapy is best delivered in a group setting, many can be without sacrificing any benefits. In fact, group therapy can be a great method of making progress on treatment for mental health orindividuals in mental health treatment participate in a weekly group therapy session substance abuse. The structure of group therapy is designed to help people improve interpersonal communication, learn from others in similar circumstances, and build lasting bonds that extend beyond the confines of a therapy session.

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What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that multiple people receive at the same time. Group size can vary based on the type of therapy being used. Typically, groups do not run bigger than 12 and may be much smaller and more intimate. Often, group therapy is one element of a larger treatment plan for someone struggling with substance abuse or a mental health disorder.

Many different types of group therapy exist. Explore four of the most common types of group therapy below.

Cognitive-Behavioral Groups

Cognitive-behavioral groups prioritize cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT focuses on helping people change unhelpful or harmful patterns of thinking and behaving. Modifying those patterns can unlock enormous healing potential.

Interpersonal Groups

Interpersonal groups emphasize person-to-person interactions and help people improve the way they communicate with others. This is an especially helpful form of group therapy for people whose relationships are very influential in relation to their mental health outcomes.

Psychoeducational Groups

Psychoeducational groups are an offshoot of cognitive-behavioral groups. They focus on educating people about their disorders and helping them put healthy coping mechanisms into place.

Support Groups

Support groups are the most generic type of group therapy. They are often formatted with a specific disorder or issue in mind. For instance, Alcoholics Anonymous is an example of a formal support group structure. However, for something to be considered a type of group therapy, it must still involve applying therapy rather than just operating as a group to discuss topics among peers.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy offers participants a number of different benefits. First, group therapy can be used to treat many different things. These include:

  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Anger management

Many different issues can be addressed during group therapy. The benefits of group therapy extend far beyond just its wide application. The group therapy approach offers people support and encouragement. Addiction and mental health issues can be isolating. Individual therapy can be an excellent intervention, but it does not do much to connect people to others who share similar struggles. Group therapy does that. People often find that their compatriots in group therapy become critical sources of support and accountability along the healing journey.

Group therapy is also a great, safe way to improve interpersonal skills. You can learn from others as they model healthy behaviors and practice roleplaying scenarios that you may encounter in the world without risk. Another defining benefit of group therapy is its affordability. Since multiple people receive group therapy sessions together, they are naturally more affordable than individual therapy sessions.

Find Group Therapy Near You at Serenity Grove

Many people worry that group therapy isn’t right for them. It may sound intimidating to share with a group rather than just one-on-one with a clinician. The reality is that group therapy can be just as effective as individual therapy. But it does require input and effort. People get out what they put in when it comes to group therapy.

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