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Group Therapy Program


Addiction doesn't wait.

Take your first steps towards addiction recovery with Serenity Grove.

clients in a Group Therapy ProgramAddiction can have a crippling effect on an individual’s life, leaving them feeling more isolated than ever. A group therapy program can help a person improve their confidence, rebuild bonds with the community and make them realize that they aren’t alone in the recovery journey. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, reach out to Serenity Grove’s addiction therapy programs for immediate help and relief.

A group counseling session offers a safe and supportive space for different individuals to talk about their issues and experiences. With the help of an addiction support group, an individual may become more motivated about the recovery process and even form new friendships to last a lifetime. To find out more about our group therapy program in Athens, GA, contact us at 844.904.3485.

Why We Offer a Group Therapy Program

At Serenity Grove, we believe that lasting sobriety is an achievable recovery goal, and we closely work with our clients to find efficient solutions to their specific issues. As part of addiction treatment, our clients are invited to participate in group therapy programs that are tailored as per their unique needs.

An addiction support group offers several benefits, such as the following:

  • Clients in recovery often feel that they are all alone, with no one to understand them. A group therapy program can help counteract this loneliness and help them bond with others who are facing similar issues.
  • It can help improve their confidence levels and sense of self-worth.
  • It is a safe space for clients to talk about sensitive topics or share traumatic aspects of their addiction recovery process without being afraid of being judged.
  • The members of an addiction support group can provide mutual support and solidarity. It offers a chance for new friendships and relationships to blossom.
  • It can help a client rebuild their communication and interpersonal skills. Through regular meetings, they learn to express their needs and desires clearly and become more compassionate towards themselves and others.
  • Clients motivate each other to remain sober and accountable.
  • They learn vital coping mechanisms and how to effectively manage their cravings.

Our Group Therapy Program in Athens, GA

There are different kinds of addiction support groups. In a typical group counseling session, different clients take turns to talk about their struggles, while being led by a trained therapist. Sometimes, the clients may be encouraged to do a particular activity together. Others may follow a specific approach, such as a 12-step program.

At Serenity Grove, we aim to accommodate the diverse needs and lived experiences of our clients by offering personalized addiction treatment programs that cater to both their physical health and mental well-being.

Some of the unique benefits of enrolling in our group counseling sessions include:

  • LGBTQ-friendly treatment center – We offer a space and affirmative space for people who identify as LGBTQ+ and ensure our clients do not face discrimination of any kind.
  • Lifelong continuing care – Even after treatment is formally complete, our clients can enjoy ongoing support and access to healthcare resources.
  • 12-step program – For those inclined, we offer a 12-step program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).
  • Continuity with therapists – We ensure that our clients work with the same therapists through all levels of care.
  • Life skills training – In addition to intensive therapy, our clients are taught effective strategies to deal with different situations and challenges.

Find Support and Solidarity at Serenity Grove Recovery

At Serenity Grove, we promise to be there for you, throughout and beyond the recovery process. We specialize in end-to-end care services, guiding our clients through the stages of medical detox, residential treatment, and outpatient care, and even offer a lifelong continuing care program. No matter how severe the addiction, we will help you find effective solutions to rebuild your life.

Call us at 844.904.3485 and get the help you deserve today.