What should I bring?

Pack as if you are taking a trip with only what fits in a carry on bag, since laundry is available at no additional charge and towels, twin high thread count sheets and other linens are provided.

You Should Bring these items:
• Limited amount of clothing (washer & dryer accessible)
• All clothing should be appropriate and in good taste (no depictions of sex, drugs, or alcohol)
• Personal care products (tooth brush, shampoo, conditioner, razor, electric razor)
• Jacket and sweater, depending on season
• Gym clothes and athletic shoes for exercise, hiking, and recreation at area lakes.
• Current prescriptions in original bottles
• Insurance card and Government Identification
Do Not Bring:

• Valuables, jewelry, etc.
• Guns, knives, or any other weapons
• Illegal substances
• Any items containing alcohol, i.e. mouthwash, perfume, cologne, over the counter remedies, etc.