Complete Continuum of Care

The staff at Serenity Grove understands that the recovery process from addiction does not happen overnight, it comes with the time and a willingness to start a new way of life. We offer our clients and their families a continuum of care, from the initial stage of detoxification to an eventual return the community. Serenity Grove provides the necessary tools and structure to support living well in recovery. Our commitment to each client and his or her recovery path is life long.    

We offer the following: 

  • Individual & Group Therapy – our seasoned professional counselors can provide individual therapy, and/or group therapy as part of the treatment regime.   

  • Ambulatory Detox – we have a medically managed, outpatient program that allows clients to detoxify with as little discomfort or withdrawal as possible. You don’t have to suffer and risk harmful side effects of withdrawal. Trained medical professionals will monitor your program every step of the way.   

  • Residential Treatment - For patients who need residential 24/7 care and treatment for severe and persistent addiction

  • Intensive Outpatient Day Treatment – Our program meets Monday through Saturday and we offer a curriculum that exceeds the ASAM requirements for IOP treatment.   

  • Evening Outpatient Treatment – For those who have work obligations during the day, we offer an evening treatment program. 

  • Transitional Care – We help client’s who have completed residential programs transition back into their communities with transitional care. We tailor a plan that best suits each client and each situation. A plan may consist of aftercare, individual counseling, or a referral to a transitional sober living environment, or a combination.  

  • Aftercare - We provide Aftercare to ensure long-term sobriety for our clients. Attendance is recommended at least once per week for two continuous years. 

  • Compliance Programs for Addicted Healthcare Professionals – Serenity Grove's Professional Program provides all collaborative elements of consent order compliance and, when applicable, Serenity Grove will provide advocacy for our clients’ licensing board.  

  • Employer Programs – Serenity Grove may work with EAPs or human resource departments of employers to provide counseling and treatment programs for risk management and the needs of their employees.  

  • Family Care – Serenity Grove has an unwavering commitment to our belief in addiction as a family disease. Concomitant with that belief is our passion for helping families learn about the disease process and cope with the loved one in treatment, ongoing into recovery.