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With the opioid epidemic in full swing, I'm sure we don't have to convince you that the alcohol and drug abuse problem in our country is extraordinarly immense. But there are a few facts that you need to know:

  1. While only 5% of the world's total population, our population here in the U.S. consumes a full 60% of the world's supply of illicit drugs. That doesn't even include alcohol.
  2. 77% of illicit drug users are EMPLOYED!
  3. Just in diminished productivity and work quality these employees cost companies untold hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Former Chairman of GM, Roger Smith was quoted as saying the problem "costs GM $1 billion dollars a year."

Question #1: What Can We Do Better At Our Company?  

Historically, even companies with the most effective policies on substance use and workplace impairment focused their primary objective on getting treatment for workers only when the problem had become evident to nearly everyone – family, friends, co-workers, management, and even strangers.

Today addiction professionals know that the earlier we are able to address a present or evolving problem with substances, the less costly the situation is for just about everyone involved. Regarding employers in particular, the cost saved may be substantial or even incalculable... but in a good way.

More on that later...

Question #2: What Do We Do?

Most treatment centers want your business. By that they mean they would like you to send impaired workers to them for alcohol or other drug treatment. No surprise there.

The problem is that in no way does that help with early detection and getting your small business, large corporation, or municipality the improved outcomes and substantial fiscal gains that come from early detection and intervention. 

At Serenity Grove, when we work with employers and EAPs we take a comprehensive approach. Sure, all of us – our team, your team, the persons treated and their families want to see your employees who need help get top-quality care and great outcomes. Check.

Here's the difference...

Our team wants to help you initiate and optimize simple workplace initiatives that enhance what you are already doing. These simple, proven changes work. And oftentimes, they work in dramatic fashion. 

You see; we want to be your Strategic Partner. To us, being your Strategic Partner means several things to you and to your organization:

  • Helping You Understand & Implement Simple Strategies That Increase Early Detection & Interventions
  • Getting Your Emplyees Who Need Help Unsurpassed Care
  • Substantial Savings Secondary to Early Intervention, & Improved Outcomes
  • You Will Be a Hero For Having the Vision to Initiate the Strategic Partnership

Question #3: What's the Bottom Line? Tell Me More About 'Incalculable Cost Savings".

Look. I don't know if the savings are really incalculable. 

All I know is that when I consider the numerous areas of fiscal gain that are improved with a Strategic Partnership with Serenity Grove, I can't calculate the massive potential financial benefits.

Hear me out...

Let's say by taking this approach one of your employees who would've been on a public road driving legally impaired DOES NOT end up driving. Therefore, he DOES NOT crash into the other vehicle(s) that he could have without our Strategic Partnership. With no crash there are no injuries, deaths, or other liability from the negligence or worse that could have been.

How do you calculate the total financial damages saved from preventing a personal injury award like that? Let's review a few other areas your firm may benefit from financially:

  • Other Reductions In Risk
  • Loss of Training, Taxes, and Countless Hours Developing the Employee
  • Employee Confidence & Morale From Being More Proactive and Forward Thinking
  • Better Time Management, Productivity, and Quality Work Product
  • Good Will of the Families & Communities of Those Your Vision Helps Get Help


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