Serenity Grove is what is colloquially known as a "rehab" facility for addiction to alcohol or other drugs of abuse.  Our multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, therapists, counselors, and other clinicians provides medically managed withdrawal management, individual and group therapy, residential and outpatient education and treatment programs for addictions and, when present, co-occurring mental health issues, often referred to as "dual-diagnosis treatment." We serve clients from Georgia, the southeast, the United States, Canada, and beyond.  Our attentive, experienced, and friendly staff is available to help with all the arrangements. Our flagship facility is easily accessible from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Internation Airport.  For private plane arrivals, Serenity Grove is conveniently located only minutes from the well-appointed and historic Ben Epps Airport (KAHN).  Serenity Grove provides ground transportation from either airport by chauffeured private car.

Our primary residential rehab facility is located in Athens, GA, and consists of a discreet and private residential compound along with other comfortable facilities. We offer private single occupancy or semi-private double occupancy room options, in addition to our standard accommodations, which are well appointed and comfortable for even the most discerning clients.

Families, not the person who needs rehab, spend the most time scouring the web seeking the right treatment program. We get that. So rather than have your eyes glaze over with another boring website with reams of marketing copy that baffles more than dazzles, we're here to help you get the plainly spoken answers you need.

Our experience has shown us that our client's families have 5 important questions they need to feel confident in the answers to:

Question #1: Why Serenity Grove?  

We exist to do one thing... Help our clients overcome their addictions. Addiction treatment and dual-diagnosis care is serious business. No one needs convincing that the disease of addiction is progressive and fatal. Just turn on the news. We aren't in the convincing business. We practice a leading edge approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment that is based on proven therapies. Simply put, we are an organization of experienced and properly trained pros and we get results. 

Question #2: How much is this going to cost?  

Fact. The investment involved in treatment is a barrier to many. We provide top-notch services with a simple formula... charge what it costs to provide the best care from properly trained and qualified professionals, plus a reasonable profit to keep our program financially healthy. Anything less and you can end up involved with a program that is perpetually cutting corners trying to stay afloat. When the life of a loved one is on the line only unsurpassed care will do. Unsurpassed care is what we provide. Providing unsurpassed care is never cheap.

Not to mention, seeking out the cheapest options is absurd. Think about it like this... if you had any other progressive and fatal illness, and you knew that effective treatment was immediately available at a fair price and in a comfortable setting with top-quality care, would you spend time bargain hunting? 

On the other hand, spending the most money does not mean you'll automatically get the best outcomes when it comes to alcohol and drug treatment. That said, families like yours who can afford the best care don't deserve to be taken advantage of. You're in the right place.

Thousands of families every year spend tens of thousands of their hard-earned savings on luxury rehab destinations at beaches or fancy destinations in hopes of finding premium care. Serenity Grove has created an extraordinary value proposition by allocating significant resources to human resources rather than a resort destination. This allows our program to engage experienced and well-trained therapists and physicians who are at the top of their disciplines and providing leading-edge treatments. By developing our program in a NON-RESORT area, we can focus those substantial resources on the most important areas.

We believe there is an insignificant benefit to being at a vacation destination while in treatment. Why? You're in treatment! Our clients benefit from up to 50 hours per week of therapeutic interventions and programming from top-flight caregivers. We help our clients get well and learn how to be PRESENT. We teach your loved one how to enjoy life under any circumstances without a chemical "crutch." In the spirit of this philosophy, we say, "Go to the mountains or the beach when you can enjoy family vacations, make memories, and do it, again and again, year after year for a lifetime –– Sober."

Question #3: What if our loved one doesn't want to go to treatment?

If we only admitted clients who were ready for treatment and wanted to be here, our team would be a lonely bunch! You are not alone with a reluctant loved one. And while we aren't a detention program or lockdown, and we cannot force anyone to come to treatment or stay if they decide to leave early, we can help in these areas. Here are the things we can do:

  • We can advise you on what has worked for our client's families in the past to get loved ones into treatment.
  • We can offer guidance to help your family hold an intervention, or we can even arrange one for you.
  • Once your loved one has arrived, we provide an environment of comfort, safety, and empathy. Those three things help keep more of our clients in treatment.

Question #4: What happens after treatment?  

You must understand, what happens AFTER the primary treatment at Serenity Grove makes a tremendous impact on sustaining the long-term benefits. Once primary treatment has been successfully completed, we don't simply pat the client on the back, give them a graduation certificate, and send them home wishing them good luck and blowing kisses. No!

On the contrary, what happens back home is critically important to success so you can bet it is super important to us! As we said earlier, "We do one thing... help our clients overcome their addictions. That means we are committed to the client and the family for life and we make it easy for both our clients and their families to stay plugged in and on the right track.

"How?" you may ask. By offering two programs that are unheard of in the field of addiction care. Both the Lifetime Continuing Care, and Lifetime Family Group Packages are included FREE of additional charges as part of the Serenity Plus Plan©. We include it, removing all barriers for following through once back home. When clients and families return to the "real world" with all the ups and downs that life throws at us, the lifeline of immediately available aftercare multiple times per week and access to family care groups can be a lifesaver. Look at it like an insurance policy for your investment.

Question #5: We believe you guys are the best fit for us. How do we get started?

At Serenity Grove, we realize this is a big deal for you in any number of ways, not the least of which is the roller coaster of emotions you've been on. So we make it simple. Our goal for the admissions process is to minimize any additional stress.

A trained intake expert can make an assessment by phone of your loved one who needs help. If he or she is unable or unwilling to participate at that time, our expert can do a preliminary evaluation using the information you provide. Next, we can advise you on the steps to get your loved one on board. We tell you what it will cost, what's included, and what the payment options are. And finally, we take it from there, assisting you with all the arrangements, and walking arm in arm with you and your loved one every step of the way.

Pick up the phone. Call 706-389-5157. Our incredibly helpful admissions staff is ready to take your call. There'll be no cost or obligation for the call or consultation and no surprises, simply plain-spoken and direct attention to your situation and the help you need to get going.